Playing with Lines and Patterns: Why Geometric Stairs Should Be a Part of Your Next Remodel?

12 April 2021

One may wonder what the benefits of curved staircases are beyond the mere aesthetic, and some may even erroneously assume that there is nothing beyond curved geometric staircases beyond the aesthetic reasons, but little do most homeowners know that curved stairs also help create the illusion of more space to a cramped or crowded area. The illusion is achieved thanks to the spiralling ascent, which tricks the eye into assuming that there is more space than there actually is. It’s quite amazing.

Beyond providing the illusion of space, curved staircases, especially those installed on a central axis, also take up lesser space than your average staircase. Why is that? Instead of ‘hogging up’ precious room, curved geometric stairs redirects itself into a compact mini-circle that fulfils the purpose of regular stairs without the taking up as much space. Curved geometric staircases are also able to fit in most cramp or tight spaces without sacrificing functionality or safety.

Why Opt for Curved Geometric Stairs?

If you have the means and a home spacious or sizeable enough and you want to add a unique decorative flair, nothing ever beats the classical aesthetics of curved geometric stairs. There is just something undeniably majestic about sweeping staircases ascending in elegant curves upwards, often spiraling into a seemingly perfect loop. There is also something charming and quintessentially regal about well-crafted mouldings, polished wooden landings, and intricate or simple yet powerfully fashioned balustrades that make curving stairs a staple for any elegantly designed home.

There is something wholly unique and timeless about cascading geometric stairs that evoke not only the bygone splendours of the past, but also the unparalleled and now nearly lost craftsmanship that comprises timber-works.

If you’re looking to install a spiral staircase in your home, but are unsure of what to do or what design to choose, Planet Stairs can help you in making your staircase goals a reality. Planet Stairs specialises in custom-made timber staircases to fit any specification, design or need you may have. New homes, home renovations projects or commercial properties can all benefit from quality timber staircases.

In fact, given that it comes with railings or a balustrade, spiral staircases provide distinctly better safety than typical staircases. Although, these do have limitation of use for the elderly and handicapped, they may not be able to traverse curved staircases with ease. If this is a concern, professionals at Planet Stairs can specially design custom staircase to meet any need. Do you want to spice up your stairs? The unique flair of using curved geometric stairs for your home is the ideal choice.

For more information on balustrade, contemporary staircases, and traditional staircases, or about the unique flair that curved geometric stairs can bring to your home, then please visit Planet Stairs.

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