29 April 2016

There is something about a timber finish that no other material can match, it’s true. The wood ‘look’ and classic style goes well with all kinds of interior surroundings, and that is the main reason why so many homeowners look into the possibility of getting timber staircases installed in their homes.

When it comes to finding the timber staircase specialist in Victoria, nobody does it better than Planet Stairs. We have a wide range of design selections to choose from and loads of timber options for you to discover, which will allow you to have the staircase you’ve always wanted in your home.

Quality Timber Staircase Specialist in Victoria

Not all timbers are alike, and here at Planet Stairs we understand the look, feel, quality, durability and price that homeowners want. That is why we have everything to help you find that perfect staircase material, such as Blackbutt, Jarrah, Mirnoo, and Tasmanian Oak, these are just some of your options that you can look into.

Ready and Custom Designs

Are you in a hurry to get your staircase installed, but you want a stylish staircase design readily available? As your timber staircase specialist, we can make it for you either way. We have many traditional, contemporary, open, and carved geometry designs that are waiting for you. On the other hand, there is plenty of room for customisations too, you can even bring your own designs with you, and then sit with our designers to come up with something very special.

The Specialists Advantage

There are plenty of options to get your ideas flowing, so why not give us a visit a lets work together to accomplish your plans. Planet Stairs believes that staircase planning and installation requires a completely different set of skills than just any carpenter may have, our staircase professionals understand that homeowners want and deserve the best, and we deliver.

Having worked on more than 3000 projects, we are confident to be labeled the timber staircase specialist in Victoria, known for seamless fittings and unmatched timber quality.

Walk in, Call or Email

If you have an already planned timber staircase design or idea, then why not just stop by and let us see if we can add something to those ideas, you may be surprised to discover dozens of balustrade and handrail options that you didn’t know about. At Planet Stairs anything is possible, so contact us today to get started on your timber staircase.

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