Planet Stairs Recommends Four Contemporary Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Staircase

09 August 2022

Redesigning the look of your existing staircase at home can be an exciting project especially if it involves selecting a new and customised design where you can finally inject personal touches.  For a successful staircase remodelling, here are 4 contemporary design ideas to spruce up your staircase.

Use MDF material from Planet Stairs

Incorporating a contemporary design for your staircase helps in enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal not just of your staircase but also of your home. Customising your staircase to spruce up its look can be a very exciting endeavour. To add up to its aesthetic appeal, use MDF material from Planet Stairs.  Over the years, medium-density fibreboards have been widely used due to their many uses and good qualities. MDF is a composite timber material that is manufactured to look like natural timber. They may not be real timber, but they also provide the same benefits as the real ones. If you are looking for the best material for your stairs at home, MDF material is the best way to go to integrate it into your contemporary staircase design concept. MDF does not only spruce up the look of your staircase but will also increase its lifespan. They are engineered timber which makes them denser and stronger than the other materials. Medium-density fibreboards also have a smooth finish and make the cutting of detailed designs possible.

Go for Under the Staircase Organiser

Another contemporary design idea to spruce up your staircase is to install organisers under it to utilise the space below. Under the staircase, organisers are functional storage solutions you need to add to your living space to address the issue of clutter and mess. Investing in staircase organisers mitigates the need to invest in huge closets and storage that may only occupy a vast portion of your floor space. Opting for a staircase organiser maximises your space to give room to other home fixtures and at the same time, spruce up the look of your staircase.

Incorporate Modern Lightings

Revamping your staircase by incorporating modern and smart lighting to achieve a subtle sophisticated overall look is what contemporary design is all about. One of the top contemporary design ideas to try for your staircase is to incorporate modern lighting. Artificial lighting can greatly help provide a stylish look for your staircase. It will also serve as an illuminator for easy access and optimum visibility. Complementing your staircase’s contemporary design with the right lighting provides you with an opportunity to spruce up the look of your staircase. 

Go for Stylish Staircase Carpet

Find a carpet type that has a modern and stylish design to achieve your desired contemporary staircase design. Your staircase at home can be one of the highest traffic areas in your living area and could be the most visible feature of your home. Thus, finding the best carpet type that balances both durability and contemporary style is highly recommended to achieve a spruced-up staircase. When choosing a carpet for your staircase, you need also need to keep in mind that style and safety must go hand in hand.

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