29 March 2017

It is essential to paint exterior stairs the right way for lasting professional level results. Whether your outdoor stairs are constructed of cost-efficient pine or of more expensive hardwoods like Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash, Jarrah or Blackbutt, good priming and other preparation measures are advised before painting the surfaces of your stairs. Only by following the necessary steps before applying paint to these wooden step surfaces can you be sure of a professional, lasting paint job that you and your family can enjoy whenever you use this attractive, well-maintained exterior staircase.

Follow Recommended Procedures in Preparation for the Successful Painting of Your Outdoor Stairs

The following preparation processes should be followed prior to the painting of your exterior home stairs to ensure their durability and attractiveness:

  • Wash Wooden Step Surfaces Thoroughly. – Wash the surfaces of your outdoor wooden staircase well to remove all dirt, dust, debris or contaminated substances before you apply paint. Be careful to rinse each step thoroughly so that soaps or detergents used to clean will not interfere with the color and texture of your paint.
  • Fill All Surface Holes or Cracks in Step Surfaces. – Using a reliable filler agent, fill any holes, cracks or imperfections in the wood surfaces of each step to create a smooth wooden surface for painting. Let the filler dry thoroughly before you begin painting. You will most likely need to sand stair surfaces with professional grade sandpaper prior to painting.
  • Apply a Professional Grade Primer. – Coat each step’s surface with a professional grade primer after pre-priming with a quality pre-priming agent. You can speed up the process successfully if you like, by using a high grade quick drying pre-primer. Then apply two to three coats of your pro grade primer, allowing plenty of time for each coat to dry.
  • Paint Stairs with Quality Outdoor Wood Paint. – Begin painting your exterior home stairs with your color choice of high grade outdoor paint recommended for wooden staircases. Apply two to three coats of paint smoothly, completely and evenly covering all staircase surfaces. Be sure to wait for each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next paint coating.

By consulting the outdoor wood painting experts at Planet Stairs located in Airport West, Victoria, you will obtain the very best information and advice concerning giving your attractive outdoor staircase a professional grade paint job that will last and impress you, your family and all your guests for many coming seasons.

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