Outdoor Timber Stairs: Reasons that Make Merbau Timber the Ideal Material to Use

09 December 2019

If you are planning to add another floor outside your house, then adding stairs must be the next thing that you have in mind. Let’s say you want to build a deck that will cater to exterior spaces for entertainment, patios, and other related places. Having outdoor stairs with your external deck can be useful since you don’t have to use or convert the stairs found inside your home. Adding outdoor stairs cost cheaper than renovating and retrofitting your indoor stairs.

Considering the vast amount of material choices for stairs, you must know that there is one type of material most suitable for your outdoor stairs. As tested through time, timber has lived up to the expectations of property owners who have used this material. Timber may be too broad for you to pick on, as it has more classifications and types all over the world. One of the most recommended, though, is Merbau timber.

Merbau timber is distributed from East Africa to Australia and Southeast Asia. It has an orange to brown colour when cut, and then ages to darker reddish to brown. This type of timber has been used a lot outdoors because of the following features. These features also make the Merbau timber the ideal material to use when building outdoor timber stairs.


Merbau timber is known for its extreme durability thanks to its natural oils that make it ideal for outdoor use. Since stairs are frequently used by people every day, the durability of Merbau timber makes sure that the stairs can withstand the weight of all people. Aside from weight, this durability allows the stairs to endure any harsh temperatures, climates, and other extreme conditions. Even attacks from insects won’t cause any damage to Merbau timber.

High Resistance

Merbau timber is certainly a great option for outdoor timber stairs since it is resistant to rot. The problem property owners have to deal with timber stairs is the rotting problem. With Merbau timber, this problem won’t be bothering some owners anymore. Aside from resistance to rot, this specific material is also not prone to cracking or splitting due to its natural oil. This oil does not also allow saltwater and rainwater to penetrate the surface of Merbau timber, making your outdoor stairs as intact as possible.

Easy Maintenance

The natural qualities of Merbau timber make it easier to maintain when compared to other outdoor stairs. Whatever elements that this specific timber gets exposed to, you are ensured that your outdoor stairs won’t get damaged easily. In some cases, property owners won’t even have to maintain their Merbau timber outdoor stairs at all. With proper maintenance, your Merbau timber outdoor stairs can last you for half a century.

Curious about the wonders Merbau timber can make with your outdoor stairs? Then contact us now at Planet Stairs. We can design, manufacture, and install staircases, balustrade, and handrails using Merbau timber and other types of material.

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