25 May 2017

There is something undeniably elegant about timber floors, but even more so one can also boast about a timber staircase. Long considered the pinnacle of old-world class, timber flooring, whether solid wood or panelling, always looks stunning if it is paired with a solid timber staircase. There is just something in the uniform aesthetics of these two that exudes timelessness, class, elegance, and understated power.

In the old days, solid timber staircases were exceedingly expensive and reserved only for the elite. Thankfully, these restrictions no longer exist in these modern times, and a large selection of choice and hardy timbers from all over the world can be available to you from a professional staircase installer.

While handcrafted woodwork has dwindled somewhat, the introduction of modern machinery and tooling methods have made it possible to mass-produce standard staircase railings, balustrades, and other parts which not only boast intricate and highly detailed designs, but uniform cuts that are perfect in every-which-way as well.

If you’re looking to redesign your home and want to invest in something truly stunning and absolutely timeless, opting for timber staircases in lieu of the more conventional choices is always a better choice. There are numerous advantages to solid timber than reconstituted wood and metal that other options simply do not provide.

Strength – not only is timber a versatile building material, it is also solid enough to hold its own with respect to overall strength, but lighter by a margin than steel or iron.

Acoustic aesthetics – unlike metal or stone staircases which make a sharp or hollow sound, wood’s resonance is quite beautiful and can even border on the melodious. If you’re after sound reduction, wood staircases achieve such ends better than stone or metal.

Overall aesthetics – the visual and tactile feel of timber is of course undeniably vastly superior to metal, and although it does compliment stone quite nicely, it stands up well on its own.

Affordability – due to the greater renewable resources for timber nowadays, it has become a far cheaper choice than most building materials. Not only has it become more affordable, but some sources can likewise be properly sustained, making it likewise ecologically tenable.

If you’re looking to redecorate your home or workspace with something that smacks of elegance, style, timelessness, and old-world flair, invest in timber staircases today. You can learn more about timber staircase to match your timber floors at Planet Stairs – your number one resource for all things involving stairs.

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