Open vs. Close Riser Staircase: What is the Best Option for Your Property?

24 August 2022

Staircases ought to be both aesthetic and functional. They can serve as the room’s focal point and a topic of conversation for you and your visitors, in addition to bringing family members from one floor to another.

Open riser staircases are one of the advancements modern custom staircase manufacturers like Planet Stairs have introduced that are more common in modern residences. In contrast, closed risers are typical of traditional builds.

Which design, however, is the best option for your property? Let’s examine the two primary choices.

What is a Closed Riser?

Closed riser stairs frequently have a whole timber riser in between each tread. This indicates that the space between each step is closed, making it impossible for you to see below or in between the steps. This is the most common kind of staircase that offers a stable mounting point and enables the installation of various balustrade systems.

In Australia, closed riser stairs are typical in most residences, and closed tread stairs provide many advantages.

Closed Riser Provides Additional Storage

When space is limited, home builders must maximise storage space. It is possible to use the underside of a closed tread staircase as additional storage space or even as a workspace or study area.

Closed Risers are Versatile

It’s understandable to believe that “closed tread equals old” and “open tread means modern,” yet this is untrue. Close-tread stairs come in a wide variety of design options. Both traditional and modern aesthetics work well with them.

What is an Open Riser?

An open riser staircase has an unobstructed view through the treads and an open, vertical area between each step. The open riser’s minimalist look is created by its straight and open design. They therefore frequently go well with open-plan homes. The spaces between the steps let in natural light, which expands a space. An open riser staircase can be made to fit any kind of stairs, including the standard straight staircase or the spiral curving staircase. You are more likely to encounter one in a modern home or contemporary commercial setting.

Due to their openness and aesthetic appeal, open risers are becoming more and more popular. They offer a distinctive look and produce an elegant and airy ambience, making them appealing to architects, builders, and homeowners alike.

Open Risers are Transparent and Complementary

The passage of natural light that the open riser permits are its most obvious benefit, as we’ve already mentioned above. They are a terrific addition to an open-plan layout, giving it a light and airy sense because they don’t block sightlines.

Open Risers are also Versatile

Open risers can be constructed in a range of architectural styles, from classic to modern. A timber downstand can give off a clean, contemporary appearance, while a glass downstand can create the illusion of a floating staircase. The use of a stainless-steel rod could give another element of uniqueness. You have a wide range of options with open riser stairs.

Which is Better?

Stairs with an open rise or a closed riser both have advantages. Both types have excellent aesthetic appeal, so your choice will probably be based on utility and practicality.

At Planet Stairs, our professionals can offer guidance to make sure you choose the best option for your application. Feel free to reach us through our channels or fill out and submit your requests via our Enquiry Form.

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