Open Riser Stairs: A Design that is Gaining Popularity

07 March 2019

Staircases have always been an integral part of interior décor and structures in general, throughout history, since the earliest civilisations. To this day, stairs remain a constant fixture in homes and industrial buildings, and are a testament to both the practicality and aesthetics of architecture.

In fact, there are hundreds of different staircase designs, all of which have become popular at one point in history or another. Staircases have likewise been made from a vast array of different materials, some being rarer than others. In the long history of architecture, there has not been a structure more modified and executed with such variety than the staircase.

Today, open riser staircases are becoming in vogue, and their popularity is quickly growing. Called ‘open riser stairs’ due to having an open area underneath the treads, it is becoming the prime choice of staircase design for many modern homes today. Conventional and traditional staircases may feature closed risers, which gives the whole structure a more ‘solid’ and ‘formal’ appeal, but open riser stairs do away with this feature, and it is not without its advantages.

If you are contemplating on having a new staircase installed, consider the following advantages of open riser stairs:

• Economical – open riser stairs are popular for a very good reason. Unlike conventional staircases, they are a far more economically sound option. Because they require fewer materials to build, you save money. The cheaper construction costs of open riser staircases also means that you have more to invest in finer construction materials than you otherwise would with a conventional staircase design.

• Space-saving – bulky is one of the drawbacks of conventional staircases, as these can take up much space, but with open riser stairs, this problem is quickly resolved. Since a large number of open riser stairs do not have bolsters underneath their treads. This gives them the advantage of sometimes being modified to ‘free-standing’ or wall-fixed staircases, which are composed exclusively of treads that are set onto a wall.

These are less bulky than conventional staircases and are excellent in smaller households because they take up much less space.

• Aesthetically pleasing – open riser staircases give the appearance of airiness. It also gives the illusion of openness – turning even a cramped area into an open-looking environment. This is ideal in a number of settings, especially in offices and homes that would otherwise look too stuffy and cramped with just a regular staircase installed.

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