Open Rise Staircase Design Creates Light and Open Ambiance

12 June 2020

Staircases are primarily constructed to provide an easy way of moving from one floor or level to another. And just like other areas in your property, the design of your staircases can be modified to somehow enhance and complement the appearance and ambience of your whole living space. A well-crafted and well-planned staircase can even elevate the overall aesthetics of your property.

To date, there are a wide variety of designs available for staircases. You can install a solid built-in staircase that has a storage or small room below the stairs. Alternatively, you can suspend a spiral or box from the ceiling that can be converted into a hanging staircase. Your stair treads, skirting, and balustrades can also be modified according to your preference.

One great staircase design that you can utilise in your property is an open rise staircase. It is one of the most common contemporary designs that are visible in a lot of homes and even offices.

Characteristics of an Open Rise Staircase

Both form and function of your stairs are maximised when you entail an open rise design for your staircase. The steps of these staircases appear to just float and hang between the supporting stringers. This floating appearance is made possible by leaving the vertical space between adjacent treads open. In some cases, false nosing is included on the treads to make an uninterrupted floating appearance from a distance.

What makes open rise staircases popular these days is that they can provide solid, minimalist visual appeal. Architects can easily design and maximise every element that they can complement this type of staircase without damaging the overall aesthetics of the property. Additionally, modern homes benefit the most from open rise staircases since space is optimised in a great way. Open rise staircases do not require bulky support underneath, which allows property owners to fill the space underneath the stairs with drawers, bookcase, cabinet, or table.

The Presence of Light and Open Ambiance

Given the overall structure of open rise staircases, they are guaranteed to provide a property with a light and open ambiance. The openness of these staircases allows natural light to just pass through a specific space or area of a property, which contributes to an unobstructed line of sight and makes a property look more spacious and well-lit. Both residential and commercial properties can achieve a modern and sophisticated look with an airy or roomy feel when they utilise open rise staircases.

The openness that is brought by open rise staircases does not end with their overall structure. This type of staircase design can be redesigned and modified to fit any configuration and architectural style. The risers for these staircases can be straight, curved, or spiral. These staircases can even be made from steel, granite, or wood. All these freedom in designing the open rise staircase allow property owners and architects to appreciate them even more.

Open rise staircases can readily provide your property with an appearance that is sleek, modern, and spacious. If you want to have your own open rise staircases, just give us a call now at Planet Stairs.

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