Modern Handrail Designs that Make Your Staircases Stand Out

02 July 2019

For houses that have more than one floor, staircases are a necessity. In fact, staircases have always been an important part of many structures throughout history. As such, the humble staircase has gone through many phases of evolution, both in form and aesthetics.

Centuries ago, even up to modern times, staircases were practical items, but they were also signs of luxury and a means to show off wealth. Depending on the style and material used, a staircase could either be extremely affordable or exceedingly expensive.

Nowadays, most staircases, regardless of design, are more affordable and easily incorporated into interior décor. The reason for this is in part due to the mass-production of many of the materials that make up a staircase, as well as the incorporation of new composite materials that do away with traditional and more expensive ones.

If you are looking for a great way to redesign a pre-existing staircase in order to liven up your home’s aesthetics, then modifying the handrails is one way to upgrade your staircase without needing a complete overhaul. Here are some modern handrail designs you can try to make your staircase stand out:

• Metal handrails – metal might be considered ‘modern’, but it has long been a mainstay of traditional staircases. Wrought iron, brass, and copper are all traditional staircase items. With the help of modern technology, you can opt to incorporate traditional metals into a staircase handrail, or even employ more modern touches like chromium-steel, stainless steel, and anodised metals to create a truly eye-catching handrail that is sure to stand out both in a visual and a tactile manner.

• Glass handrails – glass is the last thing you would think a staircase or even a handrail ought to be made out of. Thankfully, modern glass can be tempered to the point that it is as durable as steel. It can also be cut and tooled in a variety of ways and would make for a truly elegant handrail that screams absolute decadence.

• Timber handrails – timber handrails go well with timber staircases, especially when they have the same wood finish. For homeowners that aren’t comfortable experimenting with a combination of different hand railing materials, then timber handrails are the ideal choice.

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