27 August 2018

If you are in the process of planning a renovation project that includes getting a new staircase for your home, then you will find that there is a lot of design styles to choose from. One of the most flexible and beautiful types are minimalist staircase design styles, for good reasons.

Minimalist design styles effectively create a more open and inviting space for your home, and helps to fill your floor plans with light, making your rooms fell bigger, less cluttered, and therefore more open. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a minimalist staircase design.

Two of the most popular minimalist staircase design styles are spiral staircases and floating timber staircases.

Spiral Staircases and Floating Timber Staircases

Typical traditional staircase design styles can be clunky, overbearing, and take up much open space. While minimalist staircase designs are meant to have a small footprint and allow more space to be utilised. Two of the best staircase design styles that can create more space and allow more light to fill a room are spiral staircases and floating timber staircases.

Spiral Staircases

Although spiral staircases have been around a very long time, they are considered a minimalist design style, as they take up little space and can be installed anywhere in a home or business. Spiral staircases can be constructed of steel, cast iron, and timber to match and interior design theme. They are the ideal staircase design style where there is limited space available to connect different floors. If you are considering a truly minimalist design style, then spiral staircases maybe just what you need.

Floating Wood Staircases

One of the most interesting minimalist staircase design styles available is the floating wood staircase. As a highly creative version of the tradition staircase, the floating staircase seems to defy gravity. It is a beautiful and unique staircase that has a minimalist design style, as it takes up very little space in a room, the steps seemingly appear as if they are hanging in midair.

The airy appearance of this staircase design is due to the lack of risers, allowing an unobstructed view of other decorative areas of the room. The openness that timber floating staircases provide is what makes them an ideal minimalist choice of for any room.

At Planet Stairs, we not only have minimalist staircase design styles available, but we specialise also in contemporary staircases and traditional staircases too. If you have plans for a new staircase in your home of business, we can help here at Planet Stairs.

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