Know Your Staircase Design and How It Can Contribute to Your Home’s Overall Aesthetic

29 September 2021

When constructing a house with at least two floors, perhaps the most significant aspects to consider is the situation and style of the staircase. The staircase not only allows individuals to move from one story to the next, but it can also draw consideration and enhances the overall design of a house. Contingent upon the position, it can even be a point of convergence when one enters a home.

Parts of a Staircase

Most staircases have these basic parts. A stairwell is composed of steps. It might have a landing which is a resting place between flights. Each step comprises the track which is the part where the foot is set. Another part is the riser which is the upward piece of the step. Steps might be uniform in width or possibly with winders that are smaller on one side and more extensive on the other. They might have a handrail supported by the balusters. The staircase might have a couple of stringers that support the treads on the two sides of the stairs.

Essential Elements of the Staircase

The staircase must be composed of a specific stature of risers and width of treads to promote safety. Handrails should be of suitable stature to offer help for individuals going up or down and assist with adjusting them as they move. Additionally, there must be sufficient headroom for individuals to stay upstanding while at the same time travelling through the stairs.

Types of Staircases

A staircase can be composed of a straight trip of steps with or without a landing between flights. Some landings might be positioned at the midpoint or a quarter-point. Landings may also be used to alter the bearing of a trip of steps. It might turn in an L shape or towards two directions in a T shape. It might also turn 180 degrees to confront the opposite course. Some staircases may also be inherent in a U shape. For houses with more extensive spaces, the stairwell might turn in a progressive curve while for smaller spaces the staircase might be spiral in structure.

Different Considerations

Aside from the above aspects, there are different things to consider when incorporating materials used for the stairs. You could choose from options such as wood, metal or concrete or a blend of these. Various types of wood and metals are accessible as well as finishes. Additionally, staircases may also be covered relying upon one’s taste and style. Today’s staircase design may also go from the classic to the contemporary to ultra-current types with some serving twofold purposes.

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