Kid-Friendly Stair Designs for Your Melbourne Home

28 September 2020

Having kids can be a handful, especially if you are living in a two-story building. Not only are stairs a necessity, but they can be particularly dangerous for a household that has a toddler, or a baby who is still getting acquainted with getting around. It can also be very problematic for a household full of hyperactive pre-adolescents, and even more for a household where one or several children have special needs or have difficulty physically moving about.

In an ideal world, to make homes safer for children, everyone two story home would have a lift to take them safely to the upper floor. While small, private lifts are perfectly possible to install in a residential home, it is far too costly for the average family to afford. Fortunately, there are many ways to childproof your stairs to make them safer, and it doesn’t have to involve spending exorbitant amounts of money on reconstruction or a need to completely overhaul your current staircase.

Below are some great staircase design ideas for parents with small children that will make their Melbourne home a safer place.

Kid-Friendly Stair Gates

One of the easiest ways to guarantee that your stairs remain child-safe is to install stair gates. These can be installed and setup quickly with very little expense – and, given the right tools, know-how, and materials – stair gates can even be something of a DYI project for your home, but it is so much better to have it professionally installed to avoid unforeseen incidences.

Kid-Friendly Slip-Proof Treads

One of the dangers that staircases pose is the ever-looming possibility of children slipping and falling. Installing slip-proof treads will help to prevent your children from any accidental slippage that may occur when they are exploring or at play. Adding slip-proof treads to a staircase design is perfect for homes that have a toddler or two.

Kid-Friendly Balustrades

Staircase designs that contain railings, posts and bars on the sides of the staircase are child-friendly because it keeps small children from falling. Also, the staircase can be designed so that the bars need are close enough together to prevent small children from wiggling through them, so they will not fall off the edge of the stairs.

These are simple staircase design ideas for parents with small children, but no matter how child-friendly a staircase is, regular maintenance will make sure that they stay safe. If you are looking for child-friendly staircase design ideas or modifications that will fit your budget, come visit us here at Planet Stairs, we can help.

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