Ideal Handrails for Outdoor Timber Stairs

28 April 2020

Timber Stairs are awesome focal points especially in exterior design features which have a big impact on the overall decor and ambiance of a home or building. At the same time, they’re permanent features which means once stairs are installed it’s there to stay. You can still give it makeovers every once in a while or give it more character with a new stair handrail design. In fact, the handrails are full of potential and can truly change the look of a staircase and the space around it. Check out these ideal handrails for outdoor timber stairs.

Built-In Handrails

A built-in handrail has the advantage of looking minimalist which is a core attribute of a lot of modern and contemporary designs.

Accent Lighted Handrails

Another cool concept is that of a stair handrail with built-in accent lighting. The handrail is neatly inserted into an alcove built into the wall and the accent lighting gives it a very cool look plus it’s very useful at night.

Marble Handrails

The staircase wall containing the handrails was clad in marble and gives a very elegant and sophisticated look to an otherwise very simple and basic staircase design.

Glass Handrails

For an even cleaner and more open look, glass staircase railings which implicitly double as handrails are perfect because they don’t obstruct the views in any way and they let the light freely travel through them. The soft accent lighting makes this particular design look even more exquisite.

Metal Pipe Handrails

The floating staircase and the metal pipe handrail are independent from one another forming a beautiful design. This gives them a graceful and fluid appearance and an artistic vibe.

Combined Wood, Glass and Metal Handrails

The combination of wood, glass and metal is exquisite and gives this staircase a sturdy yet at the same time lightweight appearance. The handrails match the steps of the staircase which in turn coordinate perfectly with the wooden floors.

Rainbow Handrails

A seemingly ordinary staircase railing is made extraordinary by painting the balusters varying vibrant shades of colour. With the rest of the staircase painted white, this stair rail is the focus of attention—and a cheery one at that.

Rustic Handrails

Rough-hewn wood beams blend into the other architectural elements of this rustic home. The design brings the natural beauty of the outdoors inside and makes a big visual impact.

Rope Handrails

An outdoor timber stair is bounded by heavy rope, strung simply through each newel post. It’s an outstanding complement to the setting and decor.

As you can see, designing new stairs can be a whole lot of fun especially in incorporating handrails. With that being said, you need to know what you are doing in order to create something that is both safe and visually appealing. If you’d like to hear more, contact our team at Planet Stairs.


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