How to Upgrade Your Overall Home Interior Design with Craftsman-Style Stair Design

19 November 2021

A craftsman design is making its round on the recent trends in staircases styles. With their clean lines and out-of-doors inspired look, it is visually pleasing to incorporate them into home interiors. Below are tips on how you can bring out the craftsmanship in your stairs design.

Modern Craftsmanship

One of the appeals of the craftsman style is that the streamlined look. These match the tastes of many homeowners. For a contemporary look, consider pairing down the post profile by avoiding the boot feature. The absence of a boot from your post will result in a slimmer profile. And it plays on the clean, angular lines of the style. A mission-style cap is a subtle look, but it is also an important enhancement that will mesh pleasingly with other features throughout your home.

This craftsman-inspired staircase mixes traditional workmanship with a touch of fresh modernity. The newel post’s clean lines and mission style cap, coupled with pewter balusters give the railing package a unique look.

Wood Character

One of the key design principles of craftsman style is the use of natural materials to enhance the feeling that your home belongs to the earth. Talking to a professional is important and will give you the necessary insight. For example, while your stairs themselves are a feat of structural engineering that require compressed vertical support and stability – you can follow your taste and intuition with your stair railing package – that is, your balusters, railing, and post.

Rich wood textures and amazing grain patterns come to life on this walnut hardwood stair and railing. Even the posts’ grain pattern has been masterfully matched. It can flow with the rest of the wood. Wood is often chosen for the beauty of its natural tone and grain and thus is clear coated or oil-rubbed. However, a growing segment of homeowners prefers to stain their wood to achieve their own unique colour choice. Note that a master woodworker builds stair parts so that the wood grain is minimally interrupted and flows evenly and naturally. If stain is your choice to match the rest of your woodwork, you can be confident that master quality stair parts will take stain evenly for a beautifully balanced finish.


Choosing balusters (or spindles) to suit your style is a fun way to enhance the overall feel of your railing package! While wood is considered the more traditional accent and softens the aesthetic while strengthening the staircase visually, metal balusters of dark iron or oil-rubbed bronze reinforce the craftsman’s connections with the earth.

You can bring out the craftsmanship in your stairs design by consulting Planet Stairs. We pride ourselves in quality, honesty and reliability when it comes to manufacturing and installing staircases, balustrades and handrails using timber, wrought iron, stainless steel and wire cable. Planet Stairs is a local dedicated team of highly skilled tradesmen with over 15 years of experience who take pride in providing a high level of service. Planet Stairs continue to provide competitive prices and guaranteed services.

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