How to Know if You Should Renovate or Repair Your Staircase

25 February 2022

There are certain signs that you should check your staircase for on a regular schedule to determine whether renovations or repairs are needed. Numerous home accidents occur every year due to old and neglected stairways. Some of these dangerous stairs may actually have faulty original construction. Only by keeping your staircase updated and in excellent condition can you ensure safe use by everyone in your household.

How to Determine Whether You Should Renovate or Repair Your Staircase

Recommended methods for knowing if your staircase needs renovations or repairs include the following:

1. Examine Each Step. Thoroughly examine every step of your staircase on a regular schedule. Although outdoor stairways that are exposed to weather and temperature extremes can wear down faster, indoor staircases can also deteriorate. With steady use, some steps may become uneven or rough, which can cause your family members to slip or trip and fall. Use a weighted level, when needed, to determine the evenness of your stairs.

2. Look for General Warping. If your wooden staircase shows signs of general warping, you definitely need to engage the services of a professional staircase building and repair company. Warped steps can cause users to lose their balance, sometimes tumbling to the bottom of the stairs. By scheduling repairs or major renovations for your stairway when needed, you can prevent such accidents from occurring in your home.

3. Check for Sagging Supports. Check the support system beneath or behind your stairway to ensure its strength and stability. One of the most common problems with stairs that often goes undetected is worn, rotted or weakened braces that support your stairs. By having your staircase inspected periodically for safety and security, you can safeguard your family and friends from accidents while using these stairs.

4. Look for Damaged or Uneven Step Edges. Flights of stairs with damaged or uneven edges can be overlooked during basic inspections. Yet these slight imperfections can lead to serious accidents by stairway users. By looking for these small signs of damage to your stairs fairly often, you can guard against possible accidents.

5. Check for Weak or Worn Materials. Sometimes new stairways are constructed carelessly with the use of weak or worn materials. Partially rotted wood may be used or rough metal that shows signs of corrosion. By examining a newly built or installed staircase soon after its completion, you can detect this faulty workmanship to avoid future trips, slips and falls.

By consulting our experts at Planet Stairs located in Ravenhall, Victoria, and serving all surrounding regions, you can obtain excellent tips and advice about determining if your staircase needs renovations or repairs.

Our experienced professionals can provide you with the best methods of detecting even the slightest stairway weakness, deterioration or damage. They will ensure that you have the thorough knowledge and know-how to examine your staircase and detect any faulty construction or damage that may result in an accident.


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