How to Achieve the Perfect Floating Staircase Design

11 March 2021

A floating staircase can open up your home, let light in and make an astonishing element. Here’s our manual for getting the design right. A floating staircase can be a shocking design highlight that opens up even the littlest of passageways and arrivals. It’s additionally a great option for a self form project.

A basic, straight floating staircase is regularly produced using excellent oak, glass and metal, and appears to easily glide from the divider and floor. While the basic role of a staircase is getting you starting with one story then onto the next, they are additionally a chance to make an eye-getting, wow-factor staircase design in your new home.

Floating Staircase

A floating staircase isn’t modest: they are a striking design highlight and an idea and consequently they come at a superior cost. You can set aside cash on the off chance that you choose to get everything made off-site and, fitted by your dealer. However, this implies things must be made to the specific millimetre so it’s not without hazard. If you are building your own home, you might have the option to factor in a floating staircase into your spending plan from the get-go, and if the cost doesn’t put you off, there are various expert organizations.

At the point when the staircase is essential for an open-plan room, it’s ideal to make it as straightforward and basic as could be expected. With regards to designing your staircase recollect that, similarly as with most design includes, it’s regularly the situation that the more straightforward it looks, the more mind-boggling it is to fabricate.

Basics of a Floating Staircase

Most staircases are found near the front entryway and you should consider how your new floating staircase will function with normal light in your home. The most extreme ascent for each progression is 220mm and the base is 150mm. The width of each progression from one nose to another should be at least 220mm and a limit of 300mm. Flights ought to have a handrail on in any event one side on the off chance that they are short of what one meter wide and on the two sides on the off chance that they are more extensive than this

Wooden step tracks will in general be the most mainstream design when it comes to floating staircases, and you can add a handrail to make them more secure for kids and pets. Roundabout brushed-metal handrails are additionally well known because they look and feel flawless and add wellbeing component. What’s more, they limit the measure of cleaning that the glass would require which is a special reward. Touching a glass balustrade each time you go all over the steps would leave loads of recognizable fingerprints!


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