How Nosing Improves the Safety of Your Staircases

19 August 2019

Everyday people are using stairs, whether it is on the way to work, in a shopping mall, or at home to traverse to the second floor, stairs are everywhere. Stairs have been around since the beginning of mankind’s earliest times, and while there are many types of staircase designs that have been developed over eons of time, not everyone is familiar with all the parts of stairs, namely nosing.

While stairs are used daily by all sorts of people, everywhere, most do not know what part of stairs is the nosing, and what it is used for. Actually, even if people don’t know what it is, they have used stair nosing.

Have you ever wondered what stair nosing is? Every staircase has nosing, in fact you cannot have stair without it. It is the end part of a step – the very edge of the treads – where people place their foot as they step up and down the staircase. There are a few types of nosing options, such as:

– Pencil round nosing
– Square nosing
– No overhang nosing

Actually, the purpose of stair nosing is to improve staircase safety by providing extra space for people to place their feet. This extra space makes placing feet easier on steps, making it safer for users to traverse up and down stairs safely and comfortably. It is proven that quality stair nosing reduces the risk of accidents such as slips and falls.

How Nosing Improves the Safety and Integrity of Staircases

Besides making staircases safer, here are some other benefits of stair nosing:

Nosing adds structural integrity – custom nosing on the edge of stairs will increase the structural integrity of staircases, and can protect stairs from damage from heavy force and repetitive impact.

Nosing increases the lifespan of your staircase – adding extra nosing will not only help to prevent accidents such as slipping and falling, but it will also increase your staircase’s lifespan too, by protecting it from damage which will reduce repair costs.

Superior safety –
adding ribbed aluminium and rubber nosing to your stairs will add another level of safety by providing extra grip to footwear. With more traction, the risk of accidents occurring is greatly reduced.

Stair nosing is very important for the sake of safety, and in some areas additional nosing is required by law for commercial and public properties. You can learn more about stair nosing from staircase professionals at Planet Stairs.

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