How Hard Wood Newel Posts Can Add Beauty to Your Timber Staircases

03 June 2019

Newel posts haven’t gone out of style just yet. Indeed, they can be quite rare in staircases made of steel, but they are still widely used in modern homes with timber staircases. Most people have this misconception that wood newel posts are nothing more than non-functional pieces. After all, they are specifically designed to support the weight of staircase railing, but they do have great value when it comes to adding beauty to staircases.

Spiral staircases tend to have wood newel posts at the centre, as they are winded around it. Non-spiral staircases usually have them at the top and bottom, as well as in every level landing and 90º turns. They support the staircase and help keep balustrades straight and stable. Newel posts also provide people with support as they climb up and down the staircase, in the same way handrails do.

Contrary to popular belief, newel posts also serves an aesthetic purpose and can add beauty to a staircase. If you have a timber staircase, then hard wood newel posts are going to match up wonderfully.

Hard Wood Newel Posts: Adding Beauty to Your Timber Staircases

Many interior decorators would agree that hard wood has more aesthetic value than any other type material. Hard woods have lovely grains, interesting patterns, and warm, deep colours. Not to mention, hard wood is extremely sturdy, making it an ideal material for newels posts.

Hard wood newel posts located at the top and bottom of your staircase can be used as accent pieces, and you can have them carved with intricate designs that match the theme of your home. In fact, you can get the same carving for the rest of your newels too.

Common Types of Hard Wood Newel Post Designs

Newel posts made with hard wood are usually available as box-type or turn-type. You can choose either based on your preference in style.

• Box or square newel posts are often used to create a bold statement. As the name implies, they are square or box-shaped. You can opt for simple or fluted designs with or without decorative caps, and decide on their thickness as well.

• Turned newel posts also come in a wide variety, although they tend to be marginally thinner than box newels. You can go for a typical fluted design, or opt for the more ornate rope-twisted and reeded aesthetics.

Here at Planet Stairs, we professionally install staircases, balustrades, handrails, and newel posts to create beautiful staircases that will last a lifetime.

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