How Do You Choose the Perfect Handrails for Your Home?

08 September 2022

It’s important not to take constructing your ideal home lightly. Making crucial building decisions, from the foundation to the plumbing, is a demanding yet joyful experience, especially when you see your idea come true.

Stair railings are one of the interior home ideas that get the least attention. This is not how it ought to be! When discussing the property’s overall appearance, stairway railing designs are a crucial component to consider. How do you choose the best handrail for your place when so many options are available to fit every house‚Äôs design and aesthetic? Check out these basic tips to help you choose the ideal railings for your home.

Identify The Style Your Prefer

A specific style is typically chosen while building or remodelling your home. It might be Scandinavian, rustic, or modern, to mention a few. You must first decide what design you prefer to choose the right railings for your home.

The process is more straightforward than it appears. For instance, you desire a rustic, barnyard atmosphere for your home. Then Planet Stairs can suggest a wooden railing that showcases stunning matching wood tones which could be a wonderful addition. It might be a good idea to have a French-inspired railing if you want to build a house in the French style.

Always Put Safety First

Stair rails were developed for security reasons, although aesthetics is vital. Particularly if you have children in the house, you don’t want anyone to suffer a serious injury when climbing and descending the stairs.

You should consult your architect and local building codes to establish how high or how low your railing should be. In certain situations, hand extensions might also be required. However, there is no need to be concerned that safety regulations would take precedence over beauty. Your home will be safe and lovely as long as the components are secure, and the layout complies with the laws.

Put Full Attention to Details

Your stair rails are not simply fixed with wood or metal. You must pay close attention to the details on it, just like any other aspect of the house. Make sure that the details, from the knobs to the materials utilised, improve the appearance of the railing. Consequently, the details should be simple and in solid colours if you desire a minimalist appearance. Don’t be scared to customise it if you seek a quirkier look!

Your stair railings might look more attractive by selecting the proper stair covering. Adding carpeting, wood finishes, and other elements can make your steps more interesting.

Planet Stairs is a reputable company that produces and installs reasonably priced, high-quality internal and outdoor timber stairs, handrails, and balustrades for new houses, home renovations, and commercial properties. We take pleasure in offering a high level of service as a local, committed team of highly qualified tradesmen with over 15 years of expertise. We continue to offer services with guarantees and pricing that are competitive.

The quality of our work and the supplies we employ are extremely important to us. We are devoted to giving you the best services possible. Please feel free to contact us through our channels or fill out and submit your requests via our Enquiry Form.

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