How Customised Timber Staircases Can Increase Your Home Value

15 July 2020

Staircases are vital for homes that have two or more levels. As they provide a way to go to and access certain areas of a home, these staircases are also capable of enhancing its overall appearance and design. Believe it or not, staircases can have a significant impact on the overall value of a home. They, alone, can significantly increase your home value as long as they are made from the right materials.

One material that allows staircases to boost the overall aesthetics and value of a home property is timber. Timber is a type of wood that is processed into beams and planks. Aside from staircases, this material is also used for structural support like studs, plates, and beams. Numerous furniture items are also made from this material. Integrating and customising timber with staircases can easily boost and increase your home value due to the following benefits:

Natural Timber Properties

Even after being processed, timber will still possess natural, durable properties that make it great for any home fittings and embellishments. So, even after a long time of use, customised timber staircases will always be organic and naturally appealing since they do not get damaged easily. For added protection, timber staircases can also be painted, varnished, and waxed for them to be protected from damaging elements. The durability of your timber staircases will always enhance the overall value of your home.

Style and Design Options

Timber will always possess a durable and natural-looking appearance, but it can still have a unique set of styles and designs. Since wood can be easily moulded into different sets of styles, you can easily craft and design your timber staircases according to your liking. You can go for traditional, sleek, modern, or even contemporary timber staircases. You can also choose from a wide variety of grains, finishes, and designs that can easily complement and match the existing appearance of your home.

Illusion and Focal Point

What customised timber staircases capture the most is their ability to change the atmosphere of your home. While other staircases options only provide the needed aesthetic appeal of one’s interiors, timber staircases provide your home a touch of either tradition or nature. They can also make an illusion of a bigger space, which is helpful for homes with smaller spaces. And whenever your family member or visitors enter your home, timber staircases can easily grab their attention due to their elegance.

Simplicity of Maintenance

While renovations and enhancements can easily boost the value of your home, the presence of customised timber staircases can also do the same thing. Timber staircases can be easily refinished after a few years of use. This characteristic alone makes these staircases worthy of being installed. If you want to keep up with the trend, then refinishing your staircases can easily do the trick. Maintenance is also easy with these staircases through the application of oil, wax, and other protective coatings.

The overall value of your home will surely increase and enhance through the installation of customised timber staircases. If you want to have your own customised timber staircases, just give us a call at Planet Stairs. We manufacture and install affordable, quality timber staircases both internal and external, handrails, and balustrade for new homes, home renovations, and commercial properties.

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