Home Staircase Upgrade: Know the Do’s and Dont’s

01 May 2019

Staircases are a ubiquitous part of many homes, but not all staircases are made alike. In some prefabricated houses, staircases can lack the quality and durability that one would normally find desirable, if not ideal. In cases like this, upgrading one’s staircase remains the only viable and logical option.

If you are considering rebuilding your staircase, whether for aesthetic or practical reasons, or a little bit of both, then here are some do’s and don’ts you ought to consider before undertaking the upgrade:

The Do’s:

• Do take into account the size of your house – staircases can become problematic if they take up too much space. Prior to upgrading, always consider the amount of space you have in your house. You can base your staircase plan around how much leeway you can comfortably get without the staircase being either too small or too large.

• Do choose the best possible materials to upgrade your staircase with – while there are a variety of prefabricated staircase materials in the market today, not all of them are of good enough quality to be worthy of investment. Always use the best possible materials to upgrade your staircase with, such as hardwoods like Blackbutt, Mirboo, and Spotted Gum. Although hardwoods may be somewhat pricey, they will also be more durable and long-lasting.

• Do incorporate safety features in your staircase redesign – staircases can be dangerous places, especially in a household that has small children. If you are remodelling your staircase, then be sure to incorporate safety features like non-slip carpeting or non-slip treads.

The Don’ts:

• Don’t make alterations yourself – if you don’t have enough experience or the right tools for the job, don’t be tempted to make it a DIY staircase upgrade project. Making alteration to your staircase can result in disaster if you don’t have enough experience in carpentry.

• Don’t settle for aesthetics over quality – no matter how fancy a staircase balustrade looks like, if it is made from sub-par material, steer clear of it at all cost! Don’t bother investing in something that will require a lot of repairs or replacement. Instead, always purchase quality materials when upgrading a staircase.

• Don’t settle for cheap labour – cheap labour will almost always guarantee poor results. Invest only in licensed professional that specialise in staircase installation and repairs that comes with a guarantee.

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