10 August 2016

While timber stairs are an effective method for traversing from one floor to another in a home, these elements also are important architectural design features today. Staircases are possible in any width, height or style that you may prefer or require for your house. The wood grain in the timber in these staircases provide a warm, earthy ambiance to the area. Let us further explore stairs as a design feature in the information that follows.

Use Your Imagination

Allow your imagination to be your guide when you design the staircase in your home. While a tight spiral staircase presents an exciting visual element into a room, you may prefer one with only a slight curve to it. On the other hand, an extra-wide staircase in the middle of your entryway provides an elegant, formal touch when the space allows.

Various Styles of Staircases

Another reason to consider stairs as an architectural design element is that you can select from various styles, such as the following:

Spiral – Turn to this style when you have limited space since the stairs wrap around in a snug formation to reach upward to the next floor. In addition, this is a freestanding style, which means it does not require a wall for its installation.

Curved – This style just curves gradually from the bottom and straightens out slightly at the top.

Straight – With this style, the staircase proceeds from one level to the next one in a straight line without curves or turns.

Multi-Level Models – Landings are transitional elements between the various levels of this type of staircase. Use this style when you need to cover a large height distance such as from your yard up to your back deck for just one example. Another example is when you have three levels to your house and need to provide access to each through one staircase installation.

Stain, Paint or Carpet

Different finishing techniques are possible with timber stairs. You can stain the timber treads, risers and other timber elements or you can paint them. On top of this, it is possible to install carpet on the treads and risers if you so prefer.

The above are just a sampling of why staircases are elements of home architectural designs and not merely a way to reach one floor from another one. Consult with us for further information about the timber staircases that Planet Stairs will provide for you. We are specialists in our field and offer a variety of quality options in materials and designs.

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