Handrail vs Balustrade: What Makes Them Different?

27 September 2022

There are several things to consider if you plan to design a staircase. One significant one is your preference for handrails.

When you start your search, the number of possibilities accessible may probably overwhelm you. Additionally, you would notice that the terms handrails and balustrades are frequently used. It can be challenging to understand how these two terms differ from one another and what section of the stair they refer to when they are utilised. So, let’s start by examining these two differences in more detail.

What is a Handrail?

The barrier that keeps people from going off the side of the stairs is a railing. A railing needs to be sturdy enough to withstand being pushed or fallen onto without breaking. Additionally, railings can be fashioned in a variety of ways – from a set of straightforward vertical posts that serve as a balustrade to a contemporary cable railing.

People use the handrail to support themselves as they climb and descend stairs. The handrail must offer support and a constant path along the stairway. Different types of materials like steel, aluminium, wrought iron and wood can be used to create handrails. It can sit on top of the balustrade on the open side of a staircase, extend from the side of the stair rail, or be fixed to a wall.

What is a Balustrade?

Simply put, this is the section that is below the handrail. Numerous upright posts or a solid portion that rests at the side of the stair steps make up a balustrade. The primary safety function of the balustrade, which is located beneath the handrail on your staircase, is to prevent individuals from falling over the side of a step or ramp. Usually constructed of wood or metal, people are now choosing glass, and wire rope alternatives for a more distinctive and modern feel as more focus is placed on designing appealing halls, staircases, and landings.

We at Planet Stairs provide a wide choice of balustrade systems depending on the aesthetic you’re going for.

You can therefore have one without the other or combine the two. However, to make an informed decision and choose the best option for your needs, it’s crucial to understand just what each feature offers.

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