Genius Ideas to Maximise the Space under your Stairs

08 April 2020

More often than not, homeowners overlook the space under their stairs. What they do not know is there are a lot of options to maximise the said space. The uses are wide and varied, depending on the space you have, your needs and your overall taste. Below are genius ideas to maximise the space under your stairs.

Pantry Storage

If your stairs are close by your kitchen, convert the space with custom built shelves, drawers and cupboards. This is a brilliant use of space and extends the size of your overall kitchen. Becoming popular in units and homes that lack space, these cool, compact kitchens are the bomb.  Inserting built-in drawers is another great way to make the most of the tight space. When choosing to place part of your kitchen under your staircase, the best option will be a kitchen designed as a linear single wall of cabinets. Then you can use the other saved space to place an island bench if needed.

Book and Study Lounge

Perfect for bookworms to curl up and read their latest novel on the comfy custom built lounge.  With your favourite reads right at your finger tips – sit back and enjoy! Fill it with plush pillows and a throw blanket to finish the space off.

Most of us yearn for an extra bedroom or area to have a home office, here is a great way to achieve the office or study nook when space is limited.  You can build custom cabinetry to fit perfectly into your nook.  The shelving above the desk adds that extra storage again for documents and books.

Wine Storage

Finding a way to display your extensive collection of fine wines is often a challenge. Why not transform that wasted space under your staircase into a show stopping wine storage area. This will blow your guests away at the next dinner party.  You can even go a step further and have custom built temperature controlled fridges with LED lighting.

Display Shelves

Transforming a wasted space into a perfectly styled gallery that also has functionality. Adding an enormous amount of texture to your interior design, these under stair shelves are impressive.

Indoor Garden

Indoor plants have made a huge comeback in the past couple of years. Nature at it’s best, adding to the ambience of a beautifully crafted staircase. Heaven!  And what’s even better is having certain plants inside your home are good for your health, they clean the air.

Coat and Shoe Racks

Storage spaces under stairs area a clever way to declutter your home.  Whether you have a traditional or modern house there are many ways to turn the unused space into a functional addition to your house.   Ever wondered where to store all those winter coats and boots?  Instead of having to place them under your bed in storage boxes, they can now be stowed safely under your staircase.

Make the best out of your home and the space under your stairs by consulting Planet Stairs. We are known to create contemporary staircase, traditional staircase, or balustrade that best fits your home’s interior décor.



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