09 March 2016

Staircases play a crucial role in multilevel homes since these structures allow you to traverse from one level to another in a safe manner. You can select from a variety of styles in order to match the overall style of your home. After all, a staircase will stand out in the wrong manner if it is a contemporary style in the middle of a traditional home, for just one example. Each type of staircase has its own charm and characteristics.

Styles of Staircases

Contemporary design is all about what is current now, even with staircases. This style can vary a bit from year to year, but is typically, sleek and simple in nature and comes with open, closed or partial-centre risers. In addition, you can create the shape of the staircase to your particular space, whether it goes straight up or turns a corner to reach the next floor. The stairs are not carpeted to allow the natural wood grain to show through to adorn your house.

Traditional design of staircases creates an elegance befitting a traditional decor, which is more ornate than other styles, including contemporary. The traditional staircases come with closed risers. In addition, many of these staircases come with carpet, even though, homeowners also can select just to stain them to reveal the wood grain. Both ways fit into the traditional style.

Custom designing a staircase allows you to create a unique style statement. Just combine the best characteristics for the other styles into an eclectic style that screams your personality. As long as the treads and risers receive sufficient support from the other parts in the staircase, there is no right or wrong way to proceed with a custom design.

Curved geometric designs in staircases are possible for most houses. These structures can curve gradually or even become almost a spiral in shape. This staircase design fits all styles of homes from modern to traditional. The designers just need to add the right features to create the style that you desire it to be to match your home’s decor.

Open designs for staircases are light and airy, and do not weigh the area down with complex details. Typically, these come with open risers and no carpeting.

Select the staircase design the suits your home and preferences. We will provide you with expert guidance, design, construction and installation for your staircase here at Planet Stairs. Our company specialises in all of the aspects of timber staircases.

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