Frameless Glass Balustrade: What Makes it a Perfect Alternative to a Traditional Stair Railing?

22 February 2023

A frameless glass balustrade is best if you seek an alternative to a traditional stair railing. Whether building a new home or remodelling an old one, the frameless glass balustrade complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) AS1288. Thanks to its slick and stylish appearance, it can be matched to any décor. It’s an effective solution for various uses, including privacy screens, pool fences, handrails, and stairs. Continue reading to find out what makes it a perfect alternative to a traditional stair railing.

It Creates the Illusion of More Space

Glass balustrades are a terrific alternative to breaking down walls or incurring significant renovation costs when seeking to increase the amount of space in any room or setting. With the option of clear glass, your glass balustrade will bring a warm light into what could otherwise feel confined or boxed in, opening up the space and making it feel more welcoming. This makes them the ideal option for bringing light and flair to your stairs and balcony fences and increasing space in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

It Creates a Modern Look and Feels

Glass balustrades made of tempered glass are not only strong and resistant to bumps and knocks but also timeless and age wonderfully, blending in effortlessly with any house or setting. Contrary to timber or metal balustrades, glass offers a clean, contemporary appearance and may even raise the value of your home or other property.

It is a Safe Option

Glass balustrades rarely shatter or crack thanks to the safety and durability of tempered glass; doing so would require enormous structural pressure. This makes glass balustrades ideal for families with young children or pets, ensuring everyone stays safe and secure when running upstairs or enjoying outdoor areas. By using glass, you can be sure that your balustrade will remain structurally strong for many years and won’t corrode or rust.

It is Suitable for Outdoors

Glass balustrades are made of toughened glass, a durable material made to endure weather conditions like strong winds, torrential rain, exposure to sunlight, and heat. This makes them a fantastic addition to your home because they provide a safe and aesthetic barrier for your balcony or patio.

It is Eco-Friendly

Working with glass has the additional advantage of being an eco-friendly, chemically inert, recycled material. This makes it a great option for a durable and sustainable material that doesn’t need ongoing care or maintenance.

It Requires Minimal Maintenance

Glass balustrades are easier to clean and maintain over time than timber and metal. Warm water, pure liquid soap, and a sponge work well for cleaning; after done, let the surface air dry or give it a quick wipe down with a washcloth.

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