25 January 2017

When trying to decide on the style of a wooden staircase, you should consider the attributes of floating timber staircases. They are highly creative versions of the traditional set of stairs that we are so familiar with today. Their design seems to defy the law of gravity. We also will impart further details on why these stairs are so unique and beautiful in the info that follows.

Floating Stairs Seem to Defy Gravity

Staircases of this design seem to defy gravity. A number of the versions of these contain minimal support or appear not to use a support structure at all. They do look as if they are hanging in midair except for the bottom and top steps.

The Floating Style Provides a Light and Airy Appearance to the Staircases

Since the risers are missing with this style of staircases, this style offers a light, airy appearance to the entire staircase. You can view other areas of the room through where riser typically closes up the staircase. This openness makes these stairs ideal for small spaces as well as spacious ones.

Almost Unlimited Design Possibilities

Not only will these staircases work with various types of timber, there also are unlimited design possibilities available to you for them. After all, these staircases work in curved, straight, attached and freestanding versions. On top of this fact, with the treads highly polished to an optimal sheen, your floating staircase will be a sight to behold. You can add glass balustrades or handrails when necessary and still keep the floating appearance.

Complement a Variety of Room Styles

The floating staircases of timber can complement modern, contemporary, traditional and other room styles. All you need to do is tweak the designs in the direction of the desired style to accomplish this for your home.

Floating Wood Staircases Add Value to the House

While other types of staircases may or may not increase the value of your home, floating ones are so unique and attractive that you will impress prospective home buyers sufficiently to receive a higher price for your house than if you install a more standard design of staircase. You will earn a return on your investment and a bit of profit.

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