22 June 2017

Staircases need to be highly functional, but also should fit in with the rest of your decor in an eye-catching fashion. This holds true for both interior and exterior ones. Never consider stairs as flights of fancy when it comes to their influence on the appearance of your home. The fact is that they are a major focal point and their design needs to reflect this in all aspects of it. Below, you will discover all that you need to consider to ensure that the design of your stairs work for you and not against you.

Select the Appropriate Type of Staircase for Your Available Space

Consider your available space to choose the ideal of staircase for your house. For example, when your living room is small, you may need to select a spiral or straight staircase since either one only needs a modest amount of space. On top of this, decide whether or not your staircase will be flush with a wall or freestanding. Spiral staircases are typically freestanding, but the other styles can be either way. The following is a list of the most common staircase designs:

  • Straight without a landing
  • Straight with a landing about midway
  • Curved staircases gradually arch around as they move from the top floor to the bottom floor
  • L-shaped or quarter-turn stairs with a landing at the turn
  • Winder staircases are a variation of the L-shaped ones but contain a few wedge-shaped stairs in place of the landing to help at the turn
  • U-shaped stairs are similar to L-shaped ones but have a larger landing
  • Spiral staircases are available in tight or loose spirals
  • Custom variations are possible

Decide on the Decor Style That Suits Your House in the Ideal Way

On top of the type of staircase, you need to choose the decor style that best suits your home. One example of this is the open-riser approach that makes your treads look as if they are floating on air. This design complements a modern decor but is also appropriate with other decor styles.

Add the Type of Balustrade That Suits Your Needs

Balustrades are important elements on staircases as they serve as a railing and at times, an enclosure for the staircase. You can select from glass, stainless steel, wrought iron or timber to fit the style of your staircase in a complementary fashion.

For further details about how to make your stairs work well in every aspect of their design for your house, contact Planet Stairs. We specialise in all styles of timber staircases and will guide you in the right direction for your home.

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