Features and Qualities of Victorian Ash Timber for Staircases

06 December 2018

One of the easiest ways to add a ton of personality to your home is by installing a brand new staircase. We are particularly taken by the aesthetic and functional benefits that timber staircases can offer. Combining elegance and sturdy functionality, your home could benefit from the conversation starter that a Victorian Ash Timber staircase could provide. If you are not familiar with this style of timber staircase then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to outline the qualities and features of Victorian Ash Timber when used in the construction of a new staircase.

Victorian Ash Timber: Features and Qualities

Staircases don’t have to just be functional uses of space that get you from one level of your home to the next. When you take the time to get particular with the material being used for your stairs, you end up with something that can be refined, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Today’s discussion is centred on one of the more popular timbers being used in staircase design: Victorian Ash Timber. While this timber is popular in homes of all shapes and sizes, you might not be aware of the qualities and features that it can offer. Let’s go ahead and outline some of the key concepts below.

1) What is Victorian Ash Timber?

Victorian Ash Timber actually refers to two of the tallest hardwood tree species in the entire world. Used as a trade name among industry insiders, Victorian Ash Timber refers to the tall hardwood alpine trees grown in Australia near Victoria and Tasmania. The term refers to either mountain ash trees or alpine ash trees. No matter which version of the hardwood that you are getting, your staircase is going to benefit from one of the best timber options around.

2) What qualities can I expect from Victorian Ash Timber?

In its natural state, Victorian Ash Timber will have a range of colours from pink and yellow to a light brown. The texture of the tree is coarse and features a straight grain with gum veins traditionally visible. This type of timber is ideal for interior applications where appearance and durability are to be featured. Victorian Ash Timber is prized for its flexible nature and ease of use during the construction process which makes it just about perfect for a quality staircase that features a rich design aesthetic.

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