Everything You Need to Know About Timber Stairs Installation and Maintenance for Stilt Houses

05 November 2021

Stilt houses serve a variety of purposes from protecting your belongings in a flood to providing you with a clear view of the surrounding area. The stairs on the inside do not deserve special consideration in comparison to other types of houses. However, the outdoor ones must ensure that they will endure the elements and the extra height requirements for their construction.

The Layout of the Stairs Needs to be Secure

The footings of these stairs will need to be of concrete and sufficiently deep in the ground to prevent them from washing away during a flood. In addition, the bottom posts will need to attach securely to these footings. Additional supports for the staircase stringers are often necessary since the height of the staircases are higher than when the house is on the ground. You may also consider adding a landing halfway up or in several spots to ensure the entire staircase is as secure as possible.

Select a Timber That Will Endure Moisture Exposure

Any outdoor staircase needs to include timber that will stand up to exposure to moisture, but this is additionally important when you live in a flood zone. Jarrah is an ideal example of timber that is rot-resistant when it is exposed to excessive moisture. In addition, it comes from sustainable sources throughout Australia and is highly attractive.

The Timber Should Be Insect-Resistant

As well as the timber being rot-resistant with moisture exposure, it also should be resistant to insect infestation. One type of insect that will consume the timber is termites. Blackbutt, spotted gum and jarrah are prime examples of timber that will resist termite and other insect infestations.

Select a Fire-Resistant Timber

Whether or not you live in a fire-prone area of the country, you should select timber that provides fire-resistant qualities. You may think this to be an impossible task, but several local timbers are suitable for this, such as Blackbutt, Merbau and spotted gum. All of these have a natural ability to resist fire without the need for a fire-retardant treatment.

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