Everything You Need to Know About Blackbutt Timber and Its Qualities

28 January 2021

Whatever your property is, having a sturdy staircase is important to access other areas of your property. Low-lying properties like home and some offices maximise the presence of staircases to get to another floor. Since homes tend to change their design plans more often than other properties, then changing the material for staircases may not be a new thing for homeowners.

As you all know, staircases may be made from different materials such as stones and timber. One of the most common materials for staircases is timber, which can be broken down further into numerous types. Among the best timber material for staircases is blackbutt. So, if you are looking for a timber material for your staircase, blackbutt might be the best timber for you.

Characteristics of Blackbutt Timber

Blackbutt timber is commonly used for structural, interior, and exterior applications due to its exceptional qualities. And since this timber can grow quickly, this kind of timber has found its use and application in New South Wales and southern Queensland as a building framework, cladding, internal and external flooring, decking, joinery, landscaping, furniture, and plywood.

The heartwood of blackbutt timber ranges from golden yellow to pale brown. Sometimes, however, blackbutt timber can possess a slight pinkish colour hue on its heartwood. The sapwood, on the other hand, is much paler in appearance. This timber has an even texture and generally straight grain. All these qualities make the blackbutt timber suitable for interior use.

The blackbutt timber can be stained, painted, or polished, but extra care is needed when drying since it is prone to surface checking on the tangential surface. Reconditioning is not an option for blackbutt timber since it will just widen the surface checks. Mature wood of blackbutt timber, which possesses high extractives, may cause problems with some adhesives. Young regrowth, on the other hand, may take the problem of adhesives. Exposure to the weather can cause staining on the painted surface due to the presence of extractives.

Blackbutt Timber for Staircases

Sharing the same traits with other types of timber, this material works best when used for interior staircases. Interior staircases are built with high-quality timber that is cut and seasoned for indoor use. The flexibility of timber makes it ideal for different types and designs of staircases. Staircases out of timber may come out with elegance, while others may lean on to a simpler design language. So, blackbutt timber for indoor staircases can stand out among private, public, and commercial buildings.

As for exterior staircases, blackbutt timber offers a lot more sophisticated design elements that can be pleasing to the eyes of everyone. The construction proper for outdoor staircases may be demanding, but the value it brings and adds to your property is worth your investment of time and money. With proper maintenance, staircases made out of blackbutt timber can easily last for decades.

Blackbutt timbers are strong material that is great for staircases. Whether it’s for indoors or outdoors, the blackbutt timber is guaranteed to last a long time without compromising quality and visual appeal. If you want to know more about how blackbutt timber is incorporated into staircases, then contact us now at Planet Stairs. We design and construct staircases out of blackbutt timber that can give elegance to your property.


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