14 September 2018

Timber is used all over Australia, in the construction of homes, furniture, and for many other purposes. Timber is generally well known to be an unsustainable, natural material that needs to be protected so that it is not overused. One recent solution that is becoming very popular today is the development and use of engineered timber as a sustainable material.

Compared to natural timber, engineered timber is just as durable and strong. Also known as man-made wood, composite wood, and manufactured board, engineered timber is a derivative of timber products. It is constructed of a combination of wood waste from sawmills, hardwood and softwood particles, and wood fibres that are bound together into engineered timber logs and planks. It is manufactured to meet national and international specifications and standards as a sustainable building material.

Benefits of Attractive Engineered Timber Staircases

At Planet Stairs, we proudly use engineered timber as sustainable staircase material. Engineered timber is appealing to many property owners that want to install quality timber staircases into their buildings, but are concerned about timber’s unsustainable status.

One of the main benefits of using engineered timber for staircases is that once it is installed, an engineered timber staircase is difficult to distinguish from a solid timber staircase. Another benefit is that engineered timber staircases are less expensive and easier to install than hardwood timber staircases.

A timber staircase is a classic addition to any home or business, as it adds warmth and character to the interior of a room. In this regard, engineered timber produces the same attractive aesthetic characteristics, as it is specially made to mimic solid timber.

Engineered Timber and Sustainable Timber Staircases Available at Planet Stairs

At Planet Stairs, we care about the sustainability of natural timber, and while we promote the use of engineered timber, we also offer sustainable timber staircases. All of the timber we use comes from sustainable sources – forests that are managed well and constantly curated by professionals.

Forests that are not well managed, and where new trees are not planted to replace ones that have been felled, are not sustainable. Supporting sustainable timber sources is important, as it helps the environment. Whether you decide to have Planet Stairs install an engineered timber staircase or a hardwood timber staircase in your home or business, you are helping the environment and supporting the use of sustainable materials.

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