Elevate Your Home Interior with Balustrades and Handrails

09 March 2022

Whether your current home decor is a traditional classic, modern minimalist or contemporary chic, you can find stunning balustrades and handrails to greatly enhance your interior spaces. You may choose ornately designed metallic railings or handcrafted wood banisters. Other attractive choices are beach-style ropes for handrails and stunning glass balustrades that sparkle and reflect light.

Just by installing bold and lustrous or subtle and subdued designs and materials in available handrail and banister models, you can upgrade and elevate your home’s interior design. If you prefer, you can order customised balustrades or railings made of your choice of materials and in your favourite mode of design.

When your new decorative and highly appealing banisters are installed, you may be amazed at the beauty and allure that they add to your home.

Outstanding Styles in Balustrades and Handrails to Enhance Your Home Interiors

Highly appealing designs in balustrades and handrails that can greatly complement and enhance the rooms of your home include the following:

• Intriguing Wood Designs. When you select contemporary structural designs for interior staircases in your home, they provide an artistic atmosphere and stylish allure. Some display geometric designs while others exhibit creative free-form cut-out forms. Either style adds character and dimension to your room, hallway or open-plan space. The rich hues and lustre of the natural wood also bring pure elegance to your rooms.

• Galvanised Pipes. By using repurposed galvanised pipes to form your new banister or railing design, you are creating a unique design for your home staircase. You are also using an eco-friendly method of design by choosing to reuse these pipes. This type of handrail is ideal for industrial style room decor. It is also quite effective as a contrasting accent in rooms with vintage or contemporary chic interior decor.

• Beachy Ropes. Beach-style decor can be quite charming and relaxing in-home interiors with many different types of decor. Natural ropes in place of stationary handrails can open up your stairway, making it seem larger. Even older stairs assume a more modern look with beachy ropes for simple balustrades.

• Glass Designs.Moulded glass balustrades are especially elegant in your entertainment areas or for terraced stairways on upper floor balconies. These beautiful glittering staircase banisters are typically made of reinforced shatter-proof glass and sometimes of plexiglass. However, it is advisable to have all edges rounded for the sake of overall safety. These lovely glass accent rails can brighten an entire room or living space with reflected light.

By consulting our experts at Planet Stairs located in Ravenhall, Victoria, you can gain valuable information and advice about elevating your home interior with stunning balustrades and handrails. Our experienced team will work closely with you to coordinate your new banisters and railings with your entire room or open-space decor.

They can guide you in selecting the ideal styles and materials in attractive banisters and railings to accent your home staircases. Our professionals will ensure that your new balustrades and handrails greatly complement and enhance your home’s beautiful interior stairways.


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