23 February 2017

Most people only think about stairs as a necessity, to get from the bottom level of a house to the next floor above. There are other kinds of staircase designs than the typical enclosed staircase type that Harry Potter slept in while he lived at his uncle’s house. In fact, there are no rules that say you need to enclose the space under stairs, instead, you can choose to leave the area as an open space, or reinvent it to be used for other purposes.

The space under stairs, no matter the size, is space that can be used in many innovative ways, basically, the imagination is the only limit. If you are interested, and you are seeking for some creative ideas about how you can use the space under your staircase, or you are considering installing a new staircase and want some design ideas, then you will find this information inspiring.

Effective and Innovative Uses of Space Under Your Stairs

There are nearly countless ways to use the space under a staircase, you just need to get creative and consider the needs of your family first, to get you started in the right direction. For example, there are two main types of staircases, contemporary staircases and traditional staircases, and there are different ways to utilises the space under these.

Under Contemporary Staircases

If you have a contemporary staircase in your home, or you are considering the benefits of installing one, then you will be inspired to know some of the ways people are using the space available under them. For families living in urban areas, where garage space is limited, effectively using the space under contemporary staircases to set-up bicycle hooks to hang both kids and adult bicycles off the ground, is a great idea. Designing and creating a custom reading desk, bookshelf, or wine rack are also a clever uses of space under contemporary stairs.

Under Traditional Staircases

While the space underneath traditional staircases are typically enclosed, often rarely used or left as an empty space, there are some fun ways to open this space up, without clashing with your interior décor. One way is by hiring a custom cabinet maker to create drawers or cabinets that match the rest of your home’s aesthetics.

These are just a few effective and innovative ways to utilise the space under your staircase, but you can learn about more great ideas from professionals at Planet Stairs, they specialise in timber contemporary staircases, traditional staircases, handrails and balustrade for residential and commercial properties.

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