Discover the Beauty of Curved Staircases with Planet Stairs

06 February 2023

Curved staircases are typically designed and constructed in the style of a broad elliptical or oval that rises to the next floor in a chic, sweeping curve. Curved stairs are frequently confused with circular staircases, although, unlike the latter, they are not built with a centre column. A chandelier is commonly used to add drama to curved staircases, constructed of two rolling stringers joined by treads in the middle. In this blog, we will discover the beauty of curved staircases with Planet Stairs.

What Advantages Can You Expect if You Install a Curved Staircase?

Curved staircases are renowned for having a pleasing look. They are typically created in interior design as the focal point of a space or as a complement to structures with curving external or internal walls. Curved staircases’ crescent shape exudes an aura of luxury and serves as an effective visual cue to entice visitors to explore the upper floors. This staircase design is popular for commercial buildings like offices, showrooms, shops, or upscale hospitality facilities. Curved staircases are also a common choice for private homes due to their sleek and modern appearance.

Are Curved Staircases Suitable in Large or Narrow Spaces?

Larger areas are better suited for curved stairs. You will also need to reduce the stair radius if you are trying to squeeze a curving staircase into a narrow section. However, this method won’t result in the luxurious and elegant outcome that you anticipate from a curving staircase.

What Is the Ideal Material for a Curved Staircase?

Curved staircases are frequently made of structural steel, but you are always free to choose materials that suit your preferences. It’s crucial to remember that building a curving staircase requires various materials. You can experiment with various combinations, such as using stainless steel or timber to make the handrails and modifying steel plate balustrades to reflect more light throughout the area. There are a lot of curved staircase ideas that you can explore for inspiration.

Why Hire Planet Stairs to Build Your Curved Staircase?

It’s crucial to ensure the style you choose complements the interior theme because a staircase captures a lot of attention in a room. After that, you’ll need to choose top-notch materials for the stairs and hire a trusted stair manufacturer and installer to carry out the design.

The experts at Planet Stairs will support you during every step of the design, material selection, building, and stairs installation processes. We strive to meet only the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship to assist your project using cutting-edge engineering techniques and procedures.

With more than 15 years of experience, Planet Stairs is dedicated to providing outstanding design, integrated services, quicker turnaround times, and an excellent customer experience. Our team of professional specialists can change and enhance your area with a set of eye-catching stairs using a variety of stair designs. You can rely on us to make your vision a reality, whether it’s to highlight the elements of your building, enhance a business interior design, or push the boundaries. Contact us now on our phone number (03) 9360 4692 or at our mobile number 0413 378 773, and start your dream stairs project today.

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