15 September 2017

If you have your heart set on getting a customised staircase for your home, you are not alone. The renewed interest in old-fashioned craftsmanship is on the rise, mainly due to the fact that the artistic appeal that can be produced is far superior to the run-of-the-mill staircase designs offered today. With that said, after deciding the style of staircase for your home, the next step would be choosing the material for your new staircase.

Customised staircases can add elegance, class, and style that property owners desire to imbue into their homes, but when it comes to deciding the material used for staircases, there are some options worth considering. While most people would agree that solid wood is the best to use for staircases, is it really? With new technology and materials available, there are now other comparable choices, such as medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Choosing Between MDF and Solid Wood Material for Staircases

As a high grade and composite material, affordable MDF is comparable in many ways to often expensive solid wood, which is surprising to many people who believed that solid wood was the only material option for custom-made staircases. There are difference between the two – MDF and solid wood, differences that are definitely worth considering:

A hardy eco-friendly alternative to solid wood – MDF is made from recycled wood fibres. Mixed with resin, wood fibres are machine pressed to create a very dense sheet that resemble a plank of wood. And, it is just as strong as real wood.

MDF is more stable than wood – solid wood contracts when it is exposed to temperature changes and humidity, and it is well-known to shrink, buckle, and even crack. Because of this, solid wood staircases need extra care and maintenance than when compared to MDF panels, as the material stands up better to climate changes in humidity and heat. This is because of the resin used in its creation, making the material highly water-resistant and better suited for areas that experience considerable temperature changes.

MDF is readily available – unlike solid hardwoods like Spotted gum, Tasmanian Oak, Blackbutt, Jarrah, and Mirboo, which are all great woods to use for customised staircases, these have to be sourced, but MDF is readily available all the time.

Which is a better material for use in customised staircases? It is a question that is best answered by professional craftsmen at Planet Stairs. They can help you determine whether solid wood or MDF panels is better to use, based on the style of staircase you want, the climate where you live, and your budget limitations.

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