26 September 2016

Balustrades provide you with durable barriers to prevent you from falling off the stairs, landings or balconies in the interior or exterior of your home. While they offer such a useful purpose, they are also attractive and can increase the ambiance of the area. Today, balustrades are made with a wide variety of materials to match the decor of the home in the appropriate manner. You also can customise them to fit the specifications of your unique situation. Our company of Planet Stairs specialises in all the elements of staircases, including balustrades.

Planet Stairs Manufactures and Supplies Various Types of Balustrades

Our Company makes and supplies a wide assortment of balustrades along with newel posts. You can select from stainless steel square or round bar, timber, wrought iron square and round bars, wrought iron twist bars and stainless steel wire. On top of these choices, you can choose to add glass balustrades for a transparent effect.

Select the Style of Balustrade That Complements Your Home Decor

Your choice in balustrades will be dependent, in part, on the style of your house. Below, we provide you with three examples of what we mean by this statement:

  • Add Glass for a Modern Touch – In a highly modern house, glass balustrades will conform to the feel of the other elements in your home. You can even pair glass with stainless steel handrails to complete the ambiance of the modern style. Other options also are available.
  • Timber or Wrought Iron Balustrades Are Ideal for Traditional or Formal Homes – Balustrades of wrought iron or timber conform in an ideal manner to the traditional and formal styles often in homes today. Each type brings its own flavour and uniqueness to a staircase, balcony or landing.
  • Stainless Steel Offers a Contemporary Feel – Contemporary is all about now and stainless steel is one of the materials that broadcasts this theme in an eye-pleasing manner. While the shine is not as bright as chrome, it still sparkles in the light in an ideal way. You can also mix stainless steel with timber and still maintain the contemporary style.

Considerations When Selecting a Balustrade

You need to consider the look of the material and how it complements the style of your decor when selecting a balustrade for your house. In addition, think about the age of your children since hand prints and fingerprints on glass balustrades may create a constant maintenance situation for you. With young children, you may prefer one of the other options for ease of care.

For further info about designing with balustrades, contact our company. We will be glad to meet with you to discuss your house’s decor and needs for balustrades, and offer guidance in selecting the style that is right for your situation.

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