Design Ideas for Stairs to Match Your Custom Hardwood Floors

19 June 2019

Flooring is an important ingredient for the overall interior design of a home; with hardwood floors being one of the most popular choices. Hardwood flooring has a warm and inviting appeal that people like and appreciate. While custom hardwood floors are the foundation of a home’s overall design, the right type of stairs can highlight flooring even more.

The right stairs or staircase should blend into custom hardwood flooring naturally. For example, subtle aspects of timber stairs would take into consideration grain direction, wood contour, textures, and finish colours to match your custom hardwood floors. Below is some useful information to help build design ideas for stairs to match your custom hardwood floors:

Simple construction – if you want to put greater attention on your hardwood floors, then choose simple stairs or staircase designs that have few elements, but does not lack on a concern for safety. Simple or minimalist designed stairs are ideal for not only matching hardwood floors, but naturally highlight them, such as simplifying the balusters with a sleek hand-rail design.

Choice of material – there are a few types of materials you can use for stairs that will match your hardwood floors, wood being one of them. When designing wood stairs to match your hardwood floors, wood grain direction is definitely important, as it can greatly help to blend the stairs into the floor layout. If the grain layout of the stairs does not follow the flow or pattern of the flooring it creates an abrupt barrier, causing it to stand-out and not match well.

Stainless steel wire balustrade is a good addition to your design ideas for stairs, as it will highlight not only the stairs but the flooring as well.

Plank dimension – it is common for hardwood flooring to have wide planks, so the when planning to erect timber stairs to match custom hardwood floors it is important to consider the appropriate strips of wood for the steps. When the dimensions of wood planks differ too much it can lower the quality of the overall design and appearance of the stairs and hardwood flooring.

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