Decorative Ideas for Your Stairs

29 June 2020

Homes with more than one level maximise the main purpose and function of having a stairway. Ever since they are invented, stairs have been helping people to go and move from one level to another. However, a lot of property owners do not necessarily count these stairs as part of the overall design aesthetic of their homes. Instead, most of them would just prioritise the addition of decorative elements to certain rooms and living spaces without incorporating and integrating their stairway.

Ignoring the design aspect and elements of the stairs can easily create a home environment with inconsistent and broken appearance. Even if your living space near your stairs looks classy and elegant, an ugly, bare stairway can easily ruin everything. To create a consistent look and appearance for your entire property, you may want to consider the following decorative ideas for your stairs.

Coloured Risers

One element of the stairs that you can customise is the risers. Risers are located between the spaces of the treads, the horizontal portion of the stairs where you step on. Whenever people approach or even look at the stairs, the only thing that most of them will notice is the look and appearance of the risers. Coating and painting the risers with appealing colours can boost the whole design of the stairs. One great way of customising the risers is to match their colours to the wall colours.

Risers with Tiles

Another customisation option for your stairs is to cover risers with decorative tiles. Choosing the best tiles for your risers can enhance the colour, design, and style of your stairs. Moreover, the presence of tiles helps your risers become more durable since they are fully protected from damaging elements. You can go for etched stone tiles for a more traditional look. Alternatively, you can consider installing border tile for a more dimensional feel and effect. Other tile options for risers include mirrored tiles and pebbled tiles.

Sisal Tread Covers

As for the stair treads, you can cover huge portions of their surfaces with sisal covers. This type of cover is purely made from sisal fibres, which makes it environmentally friendly. Sisal tread covers are easy to install and can significantly enhance the looks of your stairs. The back of these tread covers even has a latex coat so that they do not slip or slide once people walk over them. As for your stairs, the installation of sisal tread covers can significantly protect them from getting damaged.

Following these decorative ideas for your stairs can significantly boost the overall appearance of your home. Just make sure to plan everything first to avoid wasting resources. If you want further advice about decorating your stairs, feel free to ask us at Planet Stairs. We are a small family-owned and operated business that prides itself on quality, honesty, and reliability when it comes to manufacturing and installing staircases, balustrade, and handrails using timber, wrought iron, stainless steel, and wire cable.

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