09 October 2015

Few interior hacks can make your home look extremely classic; and custom staircases are one of those. Those who understand the technique of interior design know how to choose the right staircase options that look great and can save money; while at the same time remodeling a home.

You cannot argue with the fact that custom designed staircases can complement interiors better than plain standard ones, that’s obvious. However, cost might play a very important role in the final decision to upgrade a staircase.

Here are some of the tips that will help you keep within your remodeling budget and still add that staircase ‘bling’ you’re after.

Budget Friendly Custom Staircases that fit your Lifestyle

Regardless of price, always start with the designs you like. Why is that? It is so that you can get the feel for the style or type of custom staircases you like; from there you can then start to look at the price that fits your budget best. And, it doesn’t cost anything to look at some of the well-conceived staircase designs that are popular today. It will definitely inspire you.

As you explore the internet and take a look at some of the pictures that others have uploaded of staircases, print the ones you like and then talk to your local custom staircase expert. Expert staircase makers can craft anything you show them, and they can also alter the design to your specifications and aesthetic needs.

Take note of the various costs of the staircase designs you find and then discuss what your budget amount is to the staircase company, any expert staircase craftsman will usually match or beat the prices you find online. They can do this, because custom staircases can be designed to decrease overall costs while at the same time staying true to the style of staircase you want.

You can work with the staircase manufacturers to find alternative ways to save money such as using different wood, altering the width or length of the staircase and using other materials. It is also advisable that you talk to any of your friends or relatives who have installed custom staircase. It will help you understand what problems they have gone through, if any, and what were some of the things they could have done differently.

Hardwoods can be expensive, it’s true; however, if you are under a really tight budget it never hurts to ask about pine wood or MDF. When coupled with the right kind of carpeting and painting, a custom staircase can revive a home’s appeal. When entertaining a company to construct a staircase for your home, always ask for some pictures of work they have done in the past. If your contractor or custom staircase company is any good, they will have plenty customer testimonies you can browse through.

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