07 March 2017

If your home is a duplex or multiple-storied design, the stairway leading to the second floor is most likely a major showpiece and point of focus for you, your family and guests. Whether these stairs are traditional, contemporary or uniquely crafted, artistic designs, they are central and important factors of your home’s overall ambiance and value. Staircase styles have always been major decor components of a home’s overall interior design, and the materials used for constructing your stairs are an important and lasting home fashion statement to consider. Many houses have staircases near the front door and primary entrance or vestibule, and when these stairs offer natural beauty and artful design, they provide a rich, attractive and appealing feature to greatly enhance your overall home decor.

Reasons for Choosing Timber Stairs over Concrete for Your Home’s Interior

  • Wood is Easily Crafted and Offers Natural Beauty. – Skillfully constructed wooden stairs with artfully crafted balustrade bring natural beauty and allure to any home’s interiors. Both staircases and their balusters and handrails can be customized easily to complement your home’s overall interior design scheme. A unique, beautifully planned and crafted stairway of elegant wood will embellish your home’s decor, ambiance and monetary value as a specialized item of practical importance and aesthetic enrichment. A concrete staircase, on the other hand, offers a basically plain, utilitarian look and sensibility.
  • Wood is a Safer Building Material for Indoor Stairs than Concrete. – The danger of potentially serious injury to anyone who falls on a concrete staircase is much greater than to family members or guests who take a tumble on wooden stairs. Also, any breakable items that are dropped on a hard concrete stair surface are almost sure to be significantly damaged or even completely smashed by the harsh impact. In addition, the architectural structure of many homes today is not strong enough to support interior stairways made of concrete.
  • Both Traditional and Modern Home Designs Usually Include Wood Furnishings. – The majority of homes today display some wooden furnishings, appointments or decor features in their overall design. Whether your current home interior spaces include handsome furniture, mantel pieces, woodwork or flooring of Victorian Ash, Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak or Mirboo, expert woodcrafters can design and construct a powerful yet elegant staircase of corresponding wood. By doing so, these professionals can emphasize, embellish and enhance the appearance of your other wooden furnishings and finishes with outstanding luster and beauty.

Professional Home Staircase Builders for Expert Indoor Stairway Designs

When you consult experienced, professional home staircase builders like the design and construction experts at Planet Stairs in Melbourne, you can be confident that you will receive excellent advice concerning all aspects of interior home stairs. These experts will help you select the ideal materials and design for constructing a unique, stunning staircase with equally attractive balustrade to enhance all other features of your home’s lovely interior spaces.

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