Compact Staircase Ideas for Small Homes

26 September 2019

If you live in a two-storey home, you need to have a staircase. However, your staircase options will be limited due to space restrictions if you live in a small home. There are a few ways that you can incorporate a compact staircase into a small home.

Types of Staircases

Spiral staircases are ideal for compact homes because they can be constructed in a small area. They can be built around a central pole that is connected to each tread in the staircase. This eliminates the need for space that a traditional staircase framework requires. These staircases are frequently freestanding, so they are made from materials that are meant to last. Hardwood and iron are two of the common materials used to build spiral staircases.

A staircase that has a steeper incline will take up less space. This type of staircase resembles a ladder. A floating staircase is supported underneath the steps. The absence of a traditional support structure means this type of staircase takes up less space. A straight staircase that is set against a wall will also take up less space. The space under this staircase can be used for storage.

Utilising Space Under the Staircase

If you live in a small home, your storage space is probably limited. A staircase with storage in the steps can help with that problem. You can have drawers put in the steps. Storage can also be installed in the space under the staircase. You can have drawers, shelves or cupboards put in this space.

A small room can be built under the staircase. The room could be used as a coat closet, storage cupboard or home office. If the staircase is close to the kitchen, the room could be used as a pantry. The space can also be turned into a reading nook with a place to sit and bookshelves.

Placement of Staircase

A staircase can be placed in a corner to maximise space in the room. You can also have a staircase placed out of the way in a space where people do not spend much time. An entrance passageway and a back hall are examples of these spaces.

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