28 April 2017

Choosing the right materials is always important in the construction of buildings, especially when it comes to staircases. There are a few considerations when choosing materials to construct a staircase for commercial and business use, such as aesthetic value, strength and durability. In meeting these requirements, timber staircases are the best to use.

Finding the right hardwood material for timber staircases is important, especially in buildings where there is much foot traffic that is because staircases need to be durable enough to handle people using them every day. What type of hardwood is best used for commercial and businesses staircases? Thankfully, there are more than a few good choices.

Choosing the Right Hardwood Material for Your Timber Staircase

There are many kinds of timber used today in buildings, but for staircases, aesthetics plays a large role in the final decision. Hardwood such as Victorian Ash is a good choice, as it is commonly used for timber framing, it is also ideal for timber staircases.

Other darker coloured hardwoods that are well-suited for commercial and business staircases include, Spotted gum, Blackbutt, Jarrah, and Mirboo. All of these quality hardwood materials can be used to construct contemporary staircases, traditional staircase, and even used to create custom designed staircases to meet specific design specifications a building may have.

The natural finish of these types of hardwoods is what makes them so desirable for use in commercial buildings and residential properties, however, Pine and MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) are also advisable materials for constructing timber staircases. This is due to their economical and durable nature, however, these are mostly utilised when interior design calls for painted staircases.

If you are unsure of the right type of hardwood material to use for a timber staircases in your commercial or business property, not to worry, Planet Stairs can recommend a hardwood that is best suited to meet your needs.

Timber Staircase Specialists

At Planet Stairs, we have over 15 years’ experience in the business, and our skilled tradesmen can construct any type of staircase that you need, for residential or commercial properties. Choosing the right hardwood material is essential for commercial and business timber staircases, not only for aesthetic reasons, but because staircases in these areas are used more often than typical residential buildings.

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