28 September 2015

Along with the stairs you select to have a professional install outdoors at your home, you will need to select the best outdoor stair handrails to ensure the safety of you and your family as you travel up and down the stairs. Before you make a final decision on your handrails, you must consider certain facts. We share these facts with you in the following information.

Style of the House

First, consider the style of your house when selecting handrails for your outdoor steps. While timber handrails are ideal for a traditional or rustic home, they would not complement a modern-style house. On the other hand, stainless steel blends with the modern style of home perfectly.

Type of Balustrade

Next, you need to be sure that the handrails that you select will blend well with the balustrade of the steps. Of course, the ideal pairing is stainless steel or glass balustrades with stainless steel handrails, but wrought-iron balustrades will work well with timber, posts, nosing, and bullnose handrails. Timber rails are ideal with timber balustrades, though, other rail choices may also work.

Shape of Railing

The outdoor stair handrails come in a variety of profiles or shapes. What shape you select will depend on the makeup of the balustrade and other parts of the stairs. In addition, the handrails need to be a comfortable size for you to grab onto as you climb or descend the stairs.

Consider How Durable the Handrail Material Will Be Outdoors

You need to factor in the durability of the material in the handrails when it is outdoors. While timber such as Jarrah, Victoria Ash, Spotted Gum, and Blackbutt are highly rot and insect resistant, Tasmanian Oak may need sealing to stand up outdoors since it is not insect resistant. In addition, stainless steel may need special treatment to keep an ideal appearance and condition.

Trust Only a Professional

Just as with your stairs, you need to trust only a professional to install your handrails once you select the best ones for your outdoor stairs. The professional also will guide you to the best options for your house and stairs.

Be sure not to skip the outdoor stair handrails for your stairs, as this could place you and your family in danger depending on the design of the stairs. The additional expense is well worth the added safety and convenience that these handrails provide to you. On top of this, the aesthetic appeal of the rails will add value to your home.

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