Choosing Between Timber or Wrought Iron Balusters for Your Home: Important Differences to Keep in Mind

09 January 2020

Balusters, otherwise known as stair spindles, are architecturally essential to many stairways. These architectural tools have two most popular kinds, namely the timber and the wrought iron balusters. Both styles provide the structural support you need for a safe and code compliant stairway, but there are some important differences to keep in mind. Below are some of them.

Timber Balusters Offer a More Traditional Look

If you’re aiming for a traditional look for your home, timber balusters are the perfect choice. Thanks to a wide variety of turned and blocked shapes, timber balusters offer a multitude of design options. The traditional style appears more measured and sectioned. The base blocks are the same size on every baluster, so the block height is level on each tread. In most cases, wood balusters are styled with a square block section at the bottom of the baluster, while the top is intricately turned for a classic look. The top of the baluster either tapers upwards or transitions into another blocked section as it reaches the handrail.

Wrought Iron Balusters Adds Durability to Stairways

Wrought iron balusters, on the other hand, offer a timeless elegance to any stairway. With delicate twists, sweeping scrolls, or graphic shapes, wrought iron balusters add strength and durability to your stairways and balconies.

Timber Balusters Can Have Customised Paints and Finishes

Not only can you play around with the shapes of wood balusters, you also have the opportunity to pick from a wide range of wood species and finishes. You can opt for either primed wood for painting and stain grade wood balusters. Lighter wood species and stain options provide an antique, established look. Find a more modern aesthetic with darker finishes. And don’t forget the option to paint – white or off white wood balusters can look very clean and polished. Paint them black for a sophisticated and contemporary twist.

Wrought Iron Balusters Enables the Mix and Match Design

When it comes to designing with wrought iron balusters, many prefer to mix-and-match different styles to make a unique pattern. Of course you can use the same wrought iron balusters for your whole project, like you might with wood balusters, but creating patterns is a great way to express your design aesthetic and make your newels stand out. It can be a little tricky to imagine how different iron balusters might look together – try out different patterns and designs. Wrought iron balusters have two different compositions: solid and hollow. Both provide strength and a variety of styling options

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