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29 April 2021

When it comes to home staircases, wooden staircases, one of the best choices that you can make that combines both lasting durability and aesthetics is timber. Timber has long been a staple in home construction throughout human history, not only because it possessed the innate capacity to be tooled and shaped into various designs, but because it also makes for aesthetically pleasing décor.

In the past, not only did wood exude a distinct warmth and homeliness, it also exudes a sense of class and solidarity that cannot be rivalled by modern materials. Today, in our modern times, people are rediscovering the beautiful benefits of wood staircases and Australian timber.

The Best Types of Australian Timber for Staircases

If you’re looking for the best types of Australian timber for staircases, then you cannot settle for anything less than hardwood. Here are some great Australian timbers that are simply perfect for durable, long-lasting and stunningly beautiful staircases:

Australian Red And Black Ironbark (Eucalyptus Sideroxylon / Eucalyptus Paniculata) both known for their extreme durability, their hardy nature, as well as their stunning colour gradations of deep red and warm yellows, for the red ironbark, and dull steel-greys to warm tones of chocolate, dark reds and deep browns for the black ironbarks.While somewhat difficult to work with, they are nevertheless extremely durable and make for perfect wooden staircases.

Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata) known for its beautiful grain as well as its deep reddish hues with undertones of pale yellow or deep umbers and browns, this is definitely an excellent choice . If you’re after the classical look so prized by most old-school home decorators and enthusiasts, Jarrah is a very attractive choice wood.

Blackbutt (Eucalyptus Pilularis)  an extremely versatile timber known for its golden-yellow hue intermixed with undertones of dark brown and burnt sienna, this is a great hardwood to consider for more modern-esque décor aesthetics, as it isn’t too heavy or sombre on the eye, and yet still manages to retain the elegance of top-grade, classic timber.

Variety of Timber

Timber varies depending on the region, as well as the overall availability of one species of timber wood over another. Because of this, some types of timber are more expensive than others. Because there is no one singular source of timber for all applications, there is also a broad variety of woods to choose from, each with their own distinct features and qualities, as well as their own set price-range.

Because of the ongoing demand for most hardwoods like oak, walnut, rosewood, mahogany and acacia, such varieties have become somewhat rare of late and subsequently pricier. For people who don’t want to skimp on home décor options and still want the best quality timber for a lesser price, one of the best choices currently available to the general market is Australian timber.


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