Tips and Ideas on How to Enhance Your Interior Space through Staircase Handrails

27 January 2022

With many homes built today, we see multiple double-storey homes in the market. Even older homes are remodelled, and an extra floor is added to the existing home. Therefore, a staircase is be required. The staircase becomes part of a home and part of the décor. And in many cases, even a focal point in a home. With the advancements made today, we see many different materials used. Aside from that, designs, strategies and even shapes of staircases come to light. Wooden Handrails Different types of wood are still most commonly used, as they can add to an older home’s […]

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Staircase Placement and Overall Layout 101: What are the Factors to Consider?

06 January 2022

All multi-storey houses have one thing in common. Interior staircases enable the owners to traverse from one floor to another. Selecting the proper placement for these staircases can be a daunting task when homeowners do not understand the necessary considerations that should go into their final decision. If you are facing this dilemma currently, we provide you with the following information to assist you in locating your particular staircase interior design option correctly in your house. Placement Often Depends on the Style of the Staircase Where you place your staircase often depends on which style you prefer in your home. […]

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Redefine Your Home By Planning for the Perfect Staircase

16 December 2021

Consistently we go here and there through the steps. Yet a flight of stairs does substantially more than associate the various levels of a house. If planned well, it tends to be in the floorplan as a functional component. All in all, how would you anticipate an all-around set flight of stairs and what elements should be considered? Floor Plan: Where Do The Steps Go? Many elements are considered when you plan your home. When arranging your tailor-made house, the steps ought to be given the same amount of thought as every one of these different angles. In interfacing the […]

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What Makes Timber an Ideal Material for Your Staircase Steps and Treads?

06 December 2021

One of the advantages of using timber as a material for your home is its beautiful appearance. It gives your home a natural and relaxing ambience. Take, for example, timber staircases; they bring nature and the outdoors into your living space. Timber staircases are strong and durable. They emphasise the wood’s natural beauty. Timber staircases will add elegance and classiness to residential and commercial buildings where they are used. Staircases can be the focal point of your home, and having one made from timber will give it the magnificence of presence that no other material can. Timber staircases are crafted […]

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How to Upgrade Your Overall Home Interior Design with Craftsman-Style Stair Design

19 November 2021

A craftsman design is making its round on the recent trends in staircases styles. With their clean lines and out-of-doors inspired look, it is visually pleasing to incorporate them into home interiors. Below are tips on how you can bring out the craftsmanship in your stairs design. Modern Craftsmanship One of the appeals of the craftsman style is that the streamlined look. These match the tastes of many homeowners. For a contemporary look, consider pairing down the post profile by avoiding the boot feature. The absence of a boot from your post will result in a slimmer profile. And it […]

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