Playing with Lines and Patterns: Why Geometric Stairs Should Be a Part of Your Next Remodel?

12 April 2021

One may wonder what the benefits of curved staircases are beyond the mere aesthetic, and some may even erroneously assume that there is nothing beyond curved geometric staircases beyond the aesthetic reasons, but little do most homeowners know that curved stairs also help create the illusion of more space to a cramped or crowded area. The illusion is achieved thanks to the spiralling ascent, which tricks the eye into assuming that there is more space than there actually is. It’s quite amazing. Beyond providing the illusion of space, curved staircases, especially those installed on a central axis, also take up […]

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Why Should You Choose Local Manufacturers and Contractors for Your Staircase Needs?

26 March 2021

When it comes to hiring local for your staircase building or remodelling needs there is no place like Planet Stairs to get the job done. These are friendly professionals who will go above and beyond to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. Local Manufacturers and Contractors are Sourcing Locally with Higher Accountability They have local resources and relationships to back them, and you have tangible references to educate yourself on the level of performance that you can expect. This is also a great way to support your local businesses and their revenue. So, when you hire local you are looking […]

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How to Achieve the Perfect Floating Staircase Design

11 March 2021

A floating staircase can open up your home, let light in and make an astonishing element. Here’s our manual for getting the design right. A floating staircase can be a shocking design highlight that opens up even the littlest of passageways and arrivals. It’s additionally a great option for a self form project. A basic, straight floating staircase is regularly produced using excellent oak, glass and metal, and appears to easily glide from the divider and floor. While the basic role of a staircase is getting you starting with one story then onto the next, they are additionally a chance […]

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Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Timber Stairs

25 February 2021

With many homes being built today, we are seeing a lot of double storey homes come up. Even many older homes are being remodelled, and an extra floor is built on top of the existing home. Therefore aoutdoor timber stair will also be required. The outdoor timber stair becomes part of a home, part of the décor and in many cases, even a focus point in a home. With the advancements made today, we are also seeing many different materials being used as well as designs, strategies and even shapes of outdoor timber stairs that come to light. Types of […]

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How Stairs and Railings Can Help Enhance Your Deck and Patio Space

15 February 2021

Deck step railings increment the security of your outside spaces, but on the other hand, they’re a chance to add style. This deck railing consolidates lavishly finished wood with flat metal bars in a matured bronze completion to make the flight of stairs a point of convergence of the yard. The more modest vertical help posts are cut in a rakish shape rather than straight down to add more measurement. Cross-section Deck Railing: Adds Visual Interest The cross-section is a regularly utilised deck railing, and all things considered: It adds visual interest and gives a boundary to added deck security. […]

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