Carved Timber Newel Posts Can Add Aesthetic Value to Homes

21 November 2018

Staircases have always been a mainstay in many grand houses in the past. Carved from the finest wood and richly decorated with intricate designs, inlaid with stone or sometimes trimmed with metal, they are a testament to the opulence of times gone by.

Today, staircases have become more functional than they are aesthetic, but for people who are looking for an extra touch of class in their homes, having ornate staircases has been made more available than ever before. With the introduction of mass-produced DIY products, choosing a staircase that fits in with the overall aesthetics of your home is as easy as heading to your nearest home depot shop and picking out a design.

One of the most conspicuous parts of a staircase is the newel – a moderately sized column of timber that is located at the very foot of a staircase. Originally made to bolster the staircase’s structure, and sometimes even the base and the treads, it became an art-form in its own right and showcased artisanal mastery.

One of the hallmarks of artisanal newels is the addition of intricate finials – plain or carved ‘toppers’ that capped a newel. These may or might not be removable, and may feature hidden compartments. Interesting to note, some newel posts even featured hollow interiors that could be used to hide valuables.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the look of your home staircase, then consider incorporating carved timber newel posts. Here are just some of the reasons why they’re worth opting for:

• Aesthetic improvement – a plain-looking staircase can be drastically revamped to embody sheer elegance with the addition of a carved timber newel, especially if it comes with matching balustrades.

• Added structural integrity – timber is a hardy material, which is why it was favoured for a long time as a prime material for construction. Carved timber newels are known for being durable and long-lasting, requiring very little maintenance beyond some occasional buffing or polishing to maintain its sheen.

• Create a centre piece – a specially designed newel made of exceptional hardwood like mahogany, with a decorative top, will create a bold statement that will make the staircase the centre piece of your home.

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