Cantilever Staircases: The Staircase Art that Floats

15 January 2019

When it comes to staircases, it is mostly ‘been-there, done-that’. In the thousands of years of architectural history, every imaginable staircase design and aesthetic has already been thought of and created. This makes it difficult for modern homes to truly adopt completely avant-garde aesthetics.

Even the most modern of staircase designs still have an inkling of the old-fashioned in it, whether it’s in the balustrade, the railings, or the treads. If you are a homeowner that is looking for something truly ‘modern’, cantilever staircases might be the ideal choice.

The Staircase Art that Floats: Cantilever Staircases

Cantilever staircases are a relative old design that is now only gaining traction in the home aesthetics industry thanks to its unique execution. Unlike conventional staircases that are supported by balustrades and flanked by railings, cantilever stairs are set into a wall using a specialised system that does away with the need for any sort of railing or balustrade. This gives the illusion of the staircase ‘floating’.

A lot of people may shy away from cantilever stairs due to the presumption that it is not structurally sound. However, cantilever stairs actually very strong and offer a number of advantages over conventional staircases, such as the following:

• Savings – compared to conventional staircases, cantilever staircases use up less material so they cost less. This means you get to save a lot of money on timber and custom-made railings and balustrades.

• Variety – cantilever stairs can be made from a wide assortment of materials. If you are looking to explore different construction materials, whether it is hardwood, stone, or composites, there is bound to be a cantilever stair material that will fit your aesthetic needs.

• Easily repaired / replaced – unlike full staircases that are somewhat difficult to repair and replace if damaged, cantilever stair treads can readily be replaced with a similar tread, or otherwise patched up easily to look as good as new. Because it is minimalistic stairs, it doesn’t require a lot of work to repair or replace.

• Low-maintenance – staircases are notoriously difficult to clean and maintain, but with only treads to deal with, it’s easier to keep your stairway looking pristine and flawless.

• Space-saving – since cantilever staircases give the illusion of floating, they no longer need the added support of things like balustrades, railings, and risers – making it possible to get so much more space out of your floor area.

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